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    “Modern Orthodox Religious Zionism is the True Torah Judaism that has been practiced for millenia.”

    Then why is it called modern?


    charliehall -“Modern Orthodox Religious Zionism is the True Torah Judaism that has been practiced for millenia. Charedi isolationism is a relatively recent phenomenon, just a few hundred years old (and in its extreme forms, rejecting all secular education, only a generation old). And we have been praying for a return to Zion for almost two millenia.”

    I’m not going to convince you that you’re wrong, but that wasn’t my point. You and other Zionists here seem to have no problem with the current Israeli Gov. If you believe in the Torah, how come you have no prob with them considering they plan on removing laws regarding basic keeping of the Torah, eg. more bussing on Shabbos?

    “Besides, there is a practical matter: Without the State of Israel, millions of Jews would have nowhere to go. Disappear Medinat Yisrael and we will have another Shoah thanks to the Arab and Iranian rashaim. And you are allying yourself with them.”

    Turkey can take over Israel and the UN with US can put in measures to protect the Jews there. Not that it would be needed because I don’t see Turkey arresting and killing all the Jews in their country now.



    “so if some Chareidim some place deside that they own all of Australia, that should be respected?”

    What does that have to do with Lapid and Bennet trying to force their ideals down the throats of Chareidi society?

    (Oh, and if some Zionists some place deside that they own all of Israel, that should be respected?)

    abra cadabra

    The U.S. Selective Service gives out a classification of “1-O” to Conscientious Objectors who apply for an exemption, which exempts them from both combat and non-combat military service. This can be given for both religious (i.e. Amish, Seventh-day Adventist, etc who object to any military service) or non-religious (secular pacifists opposed to war). America recognized conscientious objectors from the Revolutionary War (it varied by State, for example in Pennsylvania they would pay a fee) and in the Civil War it would cost a conscientious objector a $300 fee to be exempt. During World War II, the Defense Department had conscientious objectors file a DSS 47 form with ten questions in order to obtain an exemption.

    So, no, legitimate conscientious objectors were never jailed. And, honestly, Briskers, Satmars, and really most other Chareidim who conscientiously object to the very State of Israel are true conscientious objectors.


    Abra Cadabra, Satmar and Brisk lchod and the rest of Chareidim — lchod. Don’t falsify!!


    He has absolutely no such right. If be doesn’t like it, he can stop paying for it; but he has no right to tell us how and how not to live our lives.

    Same idea. As long as he is paying, he has a say, once he stops paying, he doesn’t.


    GAW, read some of Lapid’s articles/speeches; he is out to change the Chareidi way of life not because they take state funding, but because he believes it is the way things should be.

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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