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    Anyone know an update on the boys arrested in Japan a few months ago? No one seems to be talking about it and i cant stop thinking about them.


    what where they doing there in the first place? i’m not trying to take away from their plight just curious



    Some one paid for their tickets to go to kivrey tzadikim if they took a package for him. That package had drugs in it. The Japanese government is making an example out of them on their stance on drugs. I don’t know how that person klopped al chet on yom kippur.


    who is buried in japan?


    They were on the way to Europe I think, and were paid a ticket with a stopover in Japan to drop a package off


    muchcommonsense: gotcha! never heard of a stopover in japan. its way out of the way, isnt it?


    This just teaches us that one needs to not be so trusting. How could they of accepted something “too good to be true”? Where were their parents?

    Didn’t those boys hear the announcements in the airport “dont accept packages from strangers-if you see something suspicious, say something to airport personell” ???


    They were promised a trip to mekomos hakedoshim in europe if they took the package to japan.

    They were naive good boys who from what I’ve heard just skipped the Japan details to their parents and said they were going to kvorim.

    Why do you assume the person klapped al cheit?


    And when security asked them if anyone gave them a package to delivery, they figured it out to lie and say no?


    ModernLakewoodguy, i know it isnt necessarily the epitome of honesty, but when someone gives you peanut butter, mayonaise, spices, and an envelope to bring to eretz yisroel, do you tell them the truth when they ask you by security?


    You know there are many bochurim short of cash and their parents are not in a position to help them out as much as they would like. So they get tempted in order to ease the cash flow. Many a good, honest and trusting bochur and sem girl have been tempted by the offer of ‘pocket-money’ or a trip via wherever in return for delivering a package. Not everyone is worldly enough to suspect the package could be drugs. Who thinks that mayo or peanut has something else stashed inside it?

    Can you honestly say you would scrape out a jar of peanut butter or mayo just to make sure? Can you honestly say you would wash every dollar bill to make sure there are no drugs absorbed in them? Of course not!

    However we must all be alert. Please continue to daven for these boys. I heard that the israelie Government are trying to negotiate that they serve their time in jail in Israel.

    Whatever the outcome, draw a lesson from this,teach your kids to be alert and take note yourself


    NEVER NEVER NEVER take a package along for anyone. Even someone form your own shul. These stories are too common these days.

    We have a US Postal system for a reason.


    It doesn’t have to be a package of drugs to get one in trouble. Even basic cash in excess of 10G will land one in jail, if discovered by the US Customs. Other lands have their own laws. So, unless one has X ray vision, don’t take that blender for your neighbor, since the motor may have some very original insulation.


    yea you cant trust anybody these days its a fact


    btw- I heard that one of the boys stood trial last night in Japan. How frightening. I have no idea about the verdict. Just say a lot of Tehillim.


    I dont know how the man who gave them the package sleeps at night.


    How does he sleep? He probably smokes a little of whatever it was he asked those boys to take to Japan for him and then passes out.

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