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    This post is long overdue. The anger in me is just coming all out now. Im referring to the Chutzpa of too many drivers honking horns at night/early morning.

    I live off a very busy avenue in Boro Park and I am horrified at what goes on. Most nights at 11pm there’s still so much beeping going on as if no one’s sleeping. That doesnt compare to honking at 6am, when you can’t fall back asleep anymore once you are waken up. I’ve had too many mornings that my kids were up at 6am instead of 8am because of some inconsiderate drivers out there.

    Drivers, where are your Middos? You’re not the only ones living on our streets.

    I really dont care what the reason is. If someone’s blocking traffic or whatever. The only valid reason you have to honk(even during daytime hours) is for danger.

    It’s very disgusting of a driver to honk away because he’s nervous or in a rush. It’s not anyone else’s fault and we dont have to suffer.

    Im writing this post so that at least some people should learn and hopefully drive in peace!

    p.s.Im sitting at my office desk here off 13th Avenue and I really can’t hear myself think. The beeping is really getting out of hand.


    Dig out your paint-ball gun and have fun!!!!


    muchcommonsense, This is straight from the New York DMV website:

    “a horn is used as a warning to others. It should not be used unnecessarily or to express your anger at other drivers or pedestrians.”

    “Road rage can include: Verbal provocations, such as yelling, cursing, excessive horn honking, rude or obscene gestures and threats.”

    You can print this out in big colorful letters (the rules stated above) and place them on all the cars causing all that ruckus, or hand it to the drivers (if possible) or paste them up all over town. Or your best bet would be to take down these people’s license plate numbers and file complaints, because they wont stop on request by a civilian.


    muchcommonsense: I agree, although i am occasionally, a fellow honker

    (not to be confused with Hocker)I use discretion, for instance,

    This dude was driving 2.3 mph the whole time, suddenly stops at a green light,

    then i notice he’s on his cellphone!

    Chutzpah Noirah!!!

    I treated him to a 1.7 second blast of my horn!

    However some people just honk cuz they’re running late,

    just plain nervous, or just to let you know they exist.

    My idea for this is the following.

    If they honk for more than 2 seconds,

    or after 10:30pm they should receive an electric shock from

    their steering wheel this should keep their honking to only

    when it’s absolutely necessary.

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