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    Sister Bear

    Hi everyone today is my Hebrew birthday (and please don’t ask for the source) but I heard that on ones birthday they have a special “power” and they have a special thing to give brachas.

    Since right now is sucha trying and sad time for Jews all over, I figured that we need all the brachos we can get. So here goes.

    I just want to say a disclaimer: if I don’t mention you specifically please don’t be upset or insulted it’s nothing personal (I don’t even know you) and the people I mentioned are either more frequent posters or they’re more open. But seriously I don’t mean any harm to anyone.

    Here goes: So just for the Jews at large all over the world. May we have Jewish unity. May we never need another Leiby Kletzky to bring us together again and may we all feel safe and protected no matter what goes on around us. May everyone realize and feel that Hashem is holding them tightly and walking them through the hard times and storms of life and that no matter how bad the storm may be and how it may feel that your boat won’t be able to withstand the waves, Hashem is there, holding onto the boat, straightening it out after every waves crashes on it and He will be there to welcome you with open arms when you land safely ashore.

    No matter how hard, sad or serious a situation is may Hashem grant you the peace of mind and strength to find the good and be able to laugh. May Hashem help all of you, posters, lurkers, be sucessful in everything that you do. May He make all your dreams a reality and let them be sucessful beyond your wildest dreams. May everything that you ask for, either outright or in your heart, may Hashem answer it and may you always have an overabundance of all good things!!!!!!!!

    For all of you, adorable, MiddlePath, kapusta, Sacrilge, Health, haifagirl, and all of you other ones who (or is it whom :)) are still in the need of a shidduch – may this year be the year that you find the right one for you!!!!! May he/her be the one of your dreams, actually may they surpass all of your dreams and may you find them without much more heartache and pain. And may you build the house of your dreams and may it be a true BNB.

    For all of you who are married, may you always have Shalom Bayis and may you always find a reason to laugh WITH your spouse (and not at them)!!! May your kids and future kids bring you happiness, pride, joy and nachas!!!!!!!!!!!

    For all of you just have/had a hard life, bomb, MiddlePath, Yossi Z…..may this year be the year all the pain and suffering ends. May all the things that are causing the pain go away and may instead of years filled with heartache, pain, suffering, tears, instead there should be years that your heart is bursting from goodness, joy, and the tears should turn into tears of joy.

    For all those suffering from illness, happiest, whether mental or physical or has a relative suffering from an illness – may the illness go away and if it’s one that will never (although anything could happen) at least may Hashem take away the symptoms of the illness and may you or your loved one be gone and may the pain go away.

    I hope I covered everything and if not….feel free to let me know. If you want a more specific one you can also let me know.


    AMEN!!! Thank you!

    am yisrael chai

    Amen ken yehi ratzon 🙂

    And a happy birthday to you and make sure to give a bracha to yourself, too!


    amen!!!!!!!!! and the same brachos (those that apply, of course) right back at ya!


    amen!!!!!! and same back to you!!!!!! happy birthday!!!!

    always here

    Amen! And may Hashem answer all YOUR worthy tefillas! Happy Birthday! 😀


    Beautiful! Yimaleh Hashem kol mishalot leebeich l’tova, now and forever!

    The Best Bubby

    Amen Kein Yehe Razon!!! Happy Birthday ad meah ve esrim shana with an abundance of HAGEFEN, with much yirat sdhamyim ve chet, and much needed acdus between all to bring the final geulah ve yeshuah. Hamevarech, Yevarech!!! May all of Klall Yisrael’s tefillos be answered le tova be karov!!!


    SB, Amen! That was so sweet and thoughtful of you. May all your brooches and wishes be fulfilled fully and completely.


    Amen! Happy Birthday! Ad Me’ah ve’esrim! may Hashem grant all of your birthday wishes!

    yossi z.

    thank you sister bear for the bracha. i am very touched. right now i can’t think of anything better to say besides ?? ????? ?????. may you be zoche to grow and be able to see the constructiveness of every situation you are placed in.

    😀 Zuberman! 😀


    Amen. Kol hamisbarech tisbarech. BTW, since there is a mekor to give brachos on your birthday, I’m looking for a yeshiva in Israel for next year. Can you bentch me for hatzlacha?


    Sister Bear, thanks so much! Believe it or not, today is also MY Hebrew birthday, so I would just like to say that everything you mentioned for everyone here should be fulfilled in the most beneficial way and at the most beneficial time. And for you, Hashem should shower you with His kindness and provide for you everything you need, and may this year bring you success, health, and happiness.


    beautiful brachos. happy birthday. and may we see the geula very soon.


    Amain; Thanks SB.


    Amen! I know I’m a little late, but that was very nice/sweet of you. May all your tefillos (for yourself, and everyone else) be answered l’tova.

    A (belated) happy birthday to SB and MP!

    (I’m also very flattered to have been mentioned by name!)



    SB and MP mazel tov bis 120. thank you for all your broches. Umein.

    Sister Bear

    ItcheSrulik – sorry I wasn’t able to post until now…and sorry it’s not my birthday anymore but….Hashem should grant you (and all of those who are looking for seminaries and yeshivas in Eretz Yisrael next year) that you should grow in Torah, Yiras Hashem, Ahavas Hashem and experience the true beauty of Eretz Yisrael, no matter which Yeshiva you end up in…but Hashem should place you in the yeshiva that is best for you, and may it also be your first choice (does the yeshiva system work the same way as the seminary? 1st choice, 2nd choice :)) and you should have hatzlacha in all that you do there, gasmius and ruchnius as long as it’s the right thing.

    Hope that works too 🙂 and sorry it’s late.

    Thanks everyone for your well-wishes and MP…celebrate now…better late than never…Happy Belated Bday!


    Amen, thank you.


    Hi everyone today is my Hebrew birthday (and please don’t ask for the source)

    Source? (Sorry, couldn’t resist…) 🙂

    In any event, happy belated birthday.

    The Wolf


    I’m feeling better already. Thanks.


    Amein v’amein – what a thoughtful thing to do. Happy birthday.

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