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    Hey,everyone there are actually a few more personal details of my life I never shared yet!

    Don’t get scared.

    I just wanted to say that the quieter I am about the details of certain projects,the more they actually work out.

    I am really hoping I hold on to this lesson,and contain my enthusiasm and excitement…until it happens!

    Now posters,PLEASE,don’t make me feel like I’ve scared you all half to death….


    We are holding are breath!


    i am not scared eclipse i have revealed a great deal about myself here as well maybe others can benefit from our battle scars


    What Eclipse is quoting is a Gemara in Baba Metziah 42a.

    ??”? ???? ??? ????? ?????? ??? ???? ????? ?? ???? ????? ??? ?’ ??? ?? ????? ??????


    Ragachovers Assistant: Thanks for the gemara. Its so important to remember. i also see this in my personal life eclips. Brocha is only on the quiet things. As soon as people who dont have to, know, then…


    My Bubby told me the same thing many years ago. It should be a lesson to all of those clothing manufacturers who make clothing sooooooo revealing that they leave nothing to the imagination. Maybe if we dressed a little less ” in your face” then Klall Yisroel would be Zoche to Much Bracha.


    Bracha is not a name.


    bbubbee–I heard some Judaica store is selling La Potato Sac…did you hear about it?

    Seriously,Chazal tried their best to protect us…



    Chazal have tried to protect us, but are we following their guidelines? I think not as well as we should be.

    There are so many singles, or married women who have not been blessed yet with children, What do you think these women think when they see a pregnant woman who is ” in your face” with the way she dresses. Do you think that there is Brocha in inciting jealousy with these women who are hurting so?


    I am glad I NEVER had to wear the so-called mat.clothes they sell today.It was so much classier to be covered elegantly,even in “kollel” clothes.


    Honestly,I think I anyone who lives in Brooklyn with the nisyonos of infertility/secondary infertility is saintly for just LIVING here,surrounded by expectant mothers and baby carriages,clothing stores,school buses,etc.

    It used to bother me that my younger kids didn’t always want to wear their matching outfits on the same day,and then I realized it’s better that way.

    It’s cute to match,but it does attract more attention.

    Also,it just occurred to me,that a single girl/guy can try to convince themselves that maybe their married friends aren’t perfectly happy or whatever,but a childless couple knows the joy

    a child brings-EVEN IF THE CHILD BECOMES VERY DIFFICULT,OR CAUSES PAIN LATER ON IN LIFE,everyone wants at least a chance!

    I have suffered many trials and tribulations in the last 4 decades,but my children are a blessing I do not take for granted.

    And though some of my tests are directly connected to them,and I do hope for many things,it’s still easier,I’m guessing,than the emptiness,and the curious stares,and utterly idiotic remarks people say to childless women,especially.

    Ok,I need to breathe.


    The application to clothing is cute, but that is not what chazal were talking about.


    Are you saying the chazal CAN’T be applied to tznius?


    I think that the more things we do b’shtika the better they work out. That is why we are supposed to do shidduchim b’shtika and not blab about it till its a done deal. Those that do usually work out better.

    We are not supposed to tell anyone about a pregnancy until it is past the first trimester. That is considered the safe zone.

    We don’t tell anyone about a new job, a raise, anything that is about to happen until it has happened and we are certain of it.

    We say this because we don’t want to give it an a”h, but maybe it is because it gets a special brocha if it is done b’shtika.


    Aries,you know what’s funny?I can’t ever tell the CR anything I’m doing on the side K’lal-wise cause I’d blow my cover FOREVER!No fair…

    Although I have nightmares when I think about the lurkers who ALREADY know who I am….Hello,creepy peeps.

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