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    The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, FIRED his Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, today (around 2023 November 25) under Muslim pressure, who already control the terrified island, Great Britain.

    Suella Braverman published an article last week in The London Times, in which she criticized the police’s handling of [so-called] Palestinian marches.

    She wrote that the police ignored the [so-called] Palestinians’ law violations and referred to them as “marches of hate.”

    She also wrote that the police discriminate between the right, to which they are very tough, and the left, to which they show a soft hand.

    She also tweeted:

    “This cannot go on. Week after week, the streets of London are contaminated with hate, violence, and anti-Semitism.
    People in public are threatened and afraid.
    The Jews especially feel threatened.
    Further action is needed.”

    As mentioned, she was fired and thus silenced.
    What a pathetic and cowardly capitulation.

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    Did anyone give a different reason?

    The British government has a long history of being anti-zionist. In the 1920s they sabotaged the agreement between the Jews (both zionist and non-zionist) with the Arabs, and did their best to ignite a Jewish-Arab conflict under their “divide and conquer” strategy. In 1947 and 1948 their whole policy was to help the Arabs win in the hopes that the zionists would be forced to ask the Brits to rescue them, and thereby keep Palestine British (though it was half hearted since by May 1948 they had already been forced out of India when their “let’s get the natives killing each other” strategy failed to result in the natives begging the Brits to stay on as colonial overlords).

    And it isn’t surprising that Braverman, whose roots are in South Asia (even if married to a Jew) might not share those traditional British ideas.


    In 1936-1939 British fought against an Arab revolt, losing 262 soldiers and killing 5000 arab idealistic soldiers and commanders, helping ensure Zionist victory in 1949.

    BTW Don’t read the wikipedia article on it, as all wikipedia articles on anthing dealing with Israel, it’s hopelessly biased.


    Europe is using inverted colonialism to subjugate their populations. Bring in a non homogenous minority arm them with the heights of centralized government backing and crush all opposition with cancellation.

    With the advent of Geert Wilder there is no telling how long this tactic will be effective.


    She got sacked because at the weekend after her comments the far right marched with the counter demonstrators at the Pro palestinian demo. There were scuffles and trouble and the PM obviously thought she had caused the trouble by her comments.
    So out she went.

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