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    bael teshuva

    Rombom Hilchos teshuva says daven in tone of voice of screaming (quietly) and with tears , quietly scream oovinay yerushalayim.


    And what does Dovid Hamelech say?

    In ashrei which we all say 3 times a day. Karov Hashem…….
    Which means for the entire sentence “call out wholeheartedly to Hashem and then you will be answered cause Hashem is close to those who call out wholeheartedly begging for help”


    yungermanS, your interpretation really resonates with me. I have often felt that my prayers do not reach the Creator. Your comparison to “Karov Hashem” gives me hope that He hears the quiet but pleading cry, even if it is a “silent cry”.


    And what does the Troller Rebbe say?

    Use spell check and find something better to do with your time.

    Yabia Omer

    Rombom? Don’t you mean Rambam? Who says it’s a Kamatz?



    Are you the Troller Rebbe’s gabbai? You are totally obsessed with him. Do you get a salary or maybe a tenure from him? And btw what great things does gabbai of Troller Rebbe do with his time besides eating Troller shirayim and saying over Troller kanaus.

    Just wondering….

    Lav Davka


    More מקורות for the point (that I think) you are making:

    See תניא פרק כט-לא (see specifically דף מב line 3),פרק יז (see דף כג line 12), תניא אגרת התשובה פרק ז-ח and the end of פרק י.
    See also אגרות קודש אדמו”ר הזקן אגרת י”ט (some quotes: להתפלל בשמחה גדולה עד אין קץ … רך צריך תחילה להעביר מלבו כל יגון ואנחה וכל שמץ עצבות, והעצה היעוצה לזה …ולבכות כליהם בדמעות שליש…בקול בכי…ואז על ידי הבכי יסור היגון מלבו ויהיה שש ושמח בבטחונו בה’).

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