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    is eating a good breakfast really important?


    depending on how much you ate the night before… If you overstuffed yourself the night before it will be detrimental to your weight;)

    A fibre breakfast is good, since it gives you energy and digests really well, so you don’t have to carry around a heavy stormach the rest of the day..


    [Quoting from the previous Godol haDor:- Moreinu hoRav Avigdor haKohen Miller ZTKLLH’H]:- Well let’s make a little experiment:- How about skipping a good breakfast for a few days, and coming back to us, with the results of your little experiment.


    147 – Have you ever stopped and thought why indeed you feel this need to use this label when you refer to him ?

    i love coffe

    Of course it’s important! It’s what gets your brain and body functioning first thing in the morning. You also don’t feel as hungry during lunch time which is great for a light salad for example and then a nice full dinner. This is how my diet is and I feel great. My body weight is normal and I feel energized the entire day.

    Breakfast- A full breakfast, for example eggs with veg. toast, cheese, cut up fruit

    Lunch- Salad

    Dinner- Soup, veg., fish, potatoes, ect.

    If anything, I think that eating breakfast is the most important part of the day. And I don’t mean eating cereal with milk because I dont see how that fills up anyone besides little kids.


    Pas shacharis is what is suggested to begin one’s day. Rabbi A. Miller z”l said it means bread, not cereal, when I asked him.


    At the levaya of R’ Menachem Manis Mandel, z”l, principal of the Yeshiva of Brooklyn, some of his students said that he cared alot about his pupils. He always stopped girls in the halls and asked if they had breakfast and if they didnt, he made them go down to the schools kitchen to eat! Since then, they always eat a good breakfast!

    For me, I realized how important breakfast was when i always found myself noshing in the afternoons and evenings. Now i always try to eat a bowl of cereal – usually one with high fiber and that does teh trick! I am on my way to lose weight!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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