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    name the cereal

    1)A scoop of dried fruits,

    a second scoop of dried fruits,

    plus digestive flakes.

    2) yellow, pillow-shaped,

    spokesperson from the high seas,

    rubs the palate raw.

    3)Petite crunchy rings,

    flavored with insect products,

    plus edible seeds.

    4)Not ordinary,

    and the symbol for thousand,

    hawked to dieters.

    you could google it, but that would ruin the fun, so don’t


    Strawberry flavoured muffin crumble with rose petal sawdust jam?


    1. Raisin Bran

    2. Cap’n Crunch


    What is the English meaning of the Yiddish (or Yinglish) word “haikus? I never heard the word before.


    Poetry in Japanese. according to google.


    A specific type of poem that works in Japanese, but does not work in English. People try it anyway.


    555 you just ruined the fun.


    Sorry didn’t mean to. Will be more careful next time ?”? .


    4) Special K


    And of course, #3 is Honey Nut Cheerios.


    yep. i’m just trying to counterbalance the heavy , issue threads by making this place fun! not all people who drink coffee have serious conversations!


    Bechukoseihem Lo Seileichu


    This one went through, eh, skripka?

    (Seriously, mods? This isn’t any more of a hint for

    anyone else than that thing I pointed out to you…)


    i don’t understand , from what i assume the reason my previous post wasn’t posted was either 1) length or 2) copyright, although i’ve seen longer posts and I dont think that copyright was an issue since i attributed it to it’s author . this is neither . i am not sure if you are trying to insinuate that i am purposely trying to force in inappropriate threads or if you have a more innocuous meaning


    I am not sure if you are trying to insinuate that i am purposely trying to force in inappropriate threads or if you have a more innocuous meaning

    I was trying to get you to understand that I knew (or at least thought

    I knew) what your rejected post had been. And if it’s what I think

    it is, I think the mods would object to any parody of what it parodies.

    He had no rejected post. I have no idea, then or now, what he is referring to.


    By “previous post,” he meant “thread I tried to create a few weeks ago.”

    See the Topics Started section of his profile.


    he is referring to my attempted post of a few weeks ago, but it seems mr comlink-x that you know more then your non mod name lets on…. : )


    I’m not a mod. I have more to say, but I don’t know if it will go through.


    The mods let something through without realizing, and that’s how I know.

    (I actually told them about it, but they apparently didn’t care.)


    now i have no clue whatyou are talking about . i once tried posting something which was disallowed twice, but i think because of copyright purposes. i dont thik anything i have written was an issue , but please let me know what it was


    I’m saying that the thing you tried to post was probably considered

    an issue by the mods because it uses a certain style for humor,

    which the mods feel is disrespectful to the original.


    oh. now i chop. ( just to be clear, we are talking about the thread i tried posting that starts with the letters LOTF?) so what to do?



    Nothing. People will just have to live without it. Worse has happened. 🙂


    (Anyone who’s really interested can start playing detective.)


    that never got posted. so while i am still not sure how you saw it , i do feel a little hurt by the insinuation that i was trying to slip something by


    I guess you’ll have to play detective too.

    the insinuation that i was trying to slip something by

    That wasn’t my intention at all! As I mentioned, I was

    just trying to hint that I knew what the other thing was

    (though the connection between the two isn’t very strong).

    (It’s occurred to me that you could be right about it

    being because of copyright. Only the mods would know.

    I don’t think crediting gives permission to use except

    in ways categorized as “fair use,” though.)


    sorrry guess i was oversensitive

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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