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    Below is a comment by chaimss from the main page:

    You know, in the Alter Heim it used to be that in order to survive it was necessary to break the law. Everyone knew that governments were anti-semetic, and just for simple survival you had to be able to bribe the right people, etc.


    YW Moderator-42, brillantly said, and it H- A- S to be said! We have to show our children our disgust of crime, otherwise they will think it’s acceptable and excused, and the attitude will only harm them, and all Jews worldwide.

    just me

    I think as Azolis says we have to teach our children. It’s a sad state of affairs when some people are “frum ongateen” (dressed like they are frum)but not erlach at all. Lately there has been so much chillul Hashem. Perhaps we should take notice and start working harder at home and in our yeshivos to stress ehrichkeit (true honesty).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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