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    Do you think we should stay or leave the EU

    I want to know your opinion even if your not from the uk

    And the main thing is WHY?


    I’m not from the UK. Middle daughter works on a Megayacht in the Med. 3/4 of the crew including the captain and all officers are from the UK. They are terrified of the UK leaving the EU. The yacht makes at least 30 changes of country (port) within the EU each year. This would cause immigration and customs nightmares for the crew as well as it has tax implications for them. When docked more than 30 days, some host ports will tax non EU workers’ incomes differently than EU workers. Also, the crew has ease of flying home on leave with no customs/immigration restrictions. They can shop in port and bring items on the yacht without having to track purchases to declare when they get back to the UK.

    If you are from the UK and travel and/or work in the EU regularly, BREXIT will make life more complicated and more costly. For those who never leave for the continent it may not matter.


    The advantage of the EU is that it makes trade among it’s countries easier and reduces the threat of war among them also. The problem is that there are many member countries that are basically bankrupt such as Greece Portugal Italy and Spain, who are a drag on the economy. Basically if you are a richer country you will have to bail out a poorer country. Also there are no more border controls so criminal can migrate from country to country to avoid prosecution. Similarly, workers can move from country to country driving down wages.

    As far as the EU eliminating wars in Europe, I think NATO played a bigger part in insuring that there isn’t another war in Europe than the EU. It is basically the equivalent of the UN for western Europe and is just a paper tiger and doesn’t really accomplish much. This is unlike the United states which is one country made up of 50 states who are united by a common language.


    Britain should become the 51st State.

    Because you need a Constitution and this way you’ll have a Bill of Rights. Plus what better way to consummate our special relationship.


    the jewish Authors who wrote about Brexit forgot to include Hashem-the ruler who REALLY runs the world


    Messages to be copied and pasted should be grammatically correct.



    1) Security:

    non-eu terrorists – they can’t get into UK as the UK has border control. They’d rather go to one of the EU countries after penetrating Greece or Turkey. As they say, to not get burgled you don’t need good security, just better than your neighbours.

    Terrorists from within the EU – if they already have a criminal record they can’t enter UK as UK has border controls.

    New terrorists from within the EU – even if Britain leaves, the necessity to negotiate a new trade deal will probably end up with free movement from the EU anyway.

    2) Economy

    Very complicated but apparently 9 out of ten economists say we’re better off staying.

    3) Migration

    This is a problem mainly for low-skilled workers who face competition from unskilled migrants happy with half the money. For the employers this is a benefit. Household help, builders etc would be much more expensive if we leave. There are also lots of doctors and nurses from the EU.

    As far as changing the character of the UK is concerned, doesn’t bother me too much.

    The only point is migration of Muslims, as it is recognised (even in todays politically correct world) that the anti-semitism ratio is far higher amongst Muslims.

    There are lots of Yidden who benefit from the ability to move to the UK on the basis of a grandmothers Hungarian nationality.

    4) Travel out of UK

    Not just useful for holidays to not require a visa: I can’t help thinking that had the EU existed in the 1930s approx 6 million Jews would have been able to leave Germany and Poland etc. In todays increasingly right wing society I think that this point is valid if uncomfortable.

    Hope this is all grammatically correct enough



    Europe is full of tens of thousands of radical muslims. Porous borders allow them to do their dirty business without too much trouble. They travel freely. Bring along whatever they want.

    If the other EU members hadn’t rolled out the red carpet for them in the first place, Britain wouldn’t have to consider leaving.

    And if that isn’t enough, EU membership is also no longer cost effective. Bail out the Greeks? No thanks. They have the chutzpah to make fun of British, Germans, Americans, for not knowing how to relax and enjoy life. While they relax and enjoy life on the funds of the hard-working people they’re mocking.


    The Greeks were bailed out only by the Euro countries, not non-Euro members like England.

    Britain also invited tens of thousands of radicals to immigrate, who now became British citizens.


    golfer – brexit probably won’t stop eu citizens being able to come to the UK. The uk will have to negotiate a new trade agreement with the eu, which will include free movement. Like Switzerland which is not in the EU but still has free movement as part of their trade deal.

    There is a possibility of ditching free trade with the EU and just trading with America, China etc. But I think this is very unlikely to happen. So all the people who vote Brexit solely because of EU migration will end up dissappointed


    Leave to maintain some dignity and self respect.


    If Britain exits the EU, what would become of the Chunell?


    There would be numerous sequelae:

    1) The UK would face big trade barriers for its main export markets. Unemployment would rise.

    2) London would no longer be the financial capital of Europe. Jobs would move to the continent but the UK citizens who currently hold those jobs would not be able to move with them.

    3) UK citizens currently working in other EU countries would lose their jobs and be deported back to the UK.

    4) Scotland will probably vote to leave the UK and to join the EU, ending the UK as a political unit — it would be England and Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    5) Northern Ireland might also vote to leave, as it benefits tremendously from the EU.

    There are plenty of problems with the EU. Its bureaucrats are far less responsive to elected officials that those in the US or Canada; its European Parliament does not have the power to restrain the bureaucrats; the various heads of government defer far too much to Angela Merkel and her Austerity program, causing economic misery all around; there is too much corporate welfare; Greece was let in under false pretenses and we know how that worked out; it refused to allow Turkey in when it had a secular western-oriented government and the voters reacted by bringing Erdogan to power; the Euro itself was clearly a bad idea (but the UK has not suffered as it stayed out of the Euro zone); it has failed to enact a common immigration policy (again, the UK is not affected here). But these are mostly fixable problems. The UK leaving would result in unfixable problems that would last for a generation or more.


    @chaniE “Leave to maintain some dignity and self respect” – not clear what you mean. Does being in the EU somehow make us look undignified.

    There are so many serious rational reasons on both sides of the argument, I wouldn’t have thought it necessary to resort to vague emotional feelings. Just my opinion, to each their own


    Why did you start a new thread what was wrong with this one?


    No one has mentioned Gibraltar where many Jews live.

    Imagine if they had to cross a non-EU border everytime they went into Spain, among other issues. I’m sure they want to remain.


    This message is going around today. I stress it is un-verified.

    Re the EU Referendum:

    Reb Avrohom Gurwicz ????”? is voting Leave.

    Reb Leib Gurwicz ??”? voted against joining even the European Common Market in 1975.

    Reb Osher Westheim ????”? paskened during several shiurim that everyone MUST go out and vote to Leave.


    We were better off without Germany & Co in the last century and believe me things haven’t changed.

    Follow ??? ???? and vote to LEAVE the EU. We can do it!

    Avi K

    The question is whether it is good or bad for the Jews. Is the UK a moderating force in the EU’s relationship towards Israel or not?


    “I stress it is un-verified.”

    Then why are you posting it?

    “We were better off without Germany & Co in the last century”

    Had the EU been in existence in 1940 the Jews of Eastern Europe could have all fled to the UK and Ireland. Note that a lot of the objections to the EU today are about immigration of people of the wrong religion.


    Add independence and self determination. Y’know, those sovereign sorts of rights that real countries have. Britain has a long and proud history (this is a general statement and I am not getting into certain specific acts or omissions) while the EU has a moralistic busybody need to tell everybody how to run their lives.


    I can verify that Reb Avrohom Gurwitz Shlita has told people he is voting out but he is not paskening anything to anyone


    MA–money is mamash avoda zorah? So what do you use in exchange for goods and services? Also, why isn’t it assur behanaa?

    Maybe someone should daven, fast and do teshuva so that Hashem will take away our yetzer hara for avoda Zara again


    Rabbi Falk apparently has said to vote remain, as shev veal taaseh odif – we don’t know what the consequences will be

    Could one of the people who quote R’ Avrohom please clarify what the Rosh Yeshivas reason(s) is/are


    @ChaniE “while the EU has a moralistic busybody need to tell everybody how to run their lives”

    Why is following regulations made by a goy in the EU worse than being told what to do by a goy in Westminster? Are UK politicians better, do they listen to a vaad of Rabbonim or something

    The stuff about long and proud tradition is a load of emotional manipulation by politicians in the leave camp. The question is, will we be better off in or out. What King Henry VIII did and the fact that you’re proud of it is nothing to do with the question


    The EU was a short-sighted idea because apparently the founders did not consider the flood of refugees but more important that the solvent countries would have to use their citizens money to prop up the failing ones. What’s more, it aimed to eliminate individualism among countries, and that only destroys their native price. I would vote to leave.


    “Add independence and self determination” – you mean the UK politicians who want us to leave is because they want to be the ones deciding everything instead of the EU politicians. It makes no difference to the man in the street which politician decided what


    @flatbusher “the solvent countries would have to use their citizens money to prop up the failing ones”

    That only applies to countries which use the euro, not EU countries which don’t have the euro like the UK

    GG yekke

    gavriel 613

    R avraham said because of security issues, he feels yidden are more safe if we not part of eu and because he feels the eu has an anti israeli agenda….

    but he said very clearly that he not in anyway telling people what to do…. many other rabbanim have said to stay…..


    Thank you GG yekke

    A jew who cares

    If you don’t want UK to turn out like France (and the rest of Europe) – Vote OUT


    The worries about badly affecting the economy aren’t only financial. When people generally are going through a hard time financially, this leads to resentments which are often taken out on minorities, as people look for a scapegoat. So not only is the bad affect on Britain’s economy important, the bad affect on Europe’s economy is also important.

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