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    just me

    With the vote in the UN about to happen, the Arabs are sure to riot regadless how the vote goes. I was just wondering what people are thinking regarding the yeshiva boys and sem girls in Israel. Are people thinking of bringing the children home? Are the kids afraid and want to come home?


    Just returned from Eretz Yisroel and the danger that i saw was possible outcome of too many so called seminary girls and yeshiva boys from U.S. mingling together on Friday afternoons. Even if they are cousins or family friends it is not correct.It does not look good and goes against what Pirkei Avos says about “al tarbeh sicha im isha”! To top it off, the meetings are in middle of Meah Shearim which is an absolute disgrace. So maybe this will shake them up and they will go back to what their parents, some of whom went out of their way and even had to take out loans to send their children to learn in a makom kodesh, as Eretz Yisroel.


    As far as the boys being afraid, no. When I was learning in the Mir, Yerusholayim, during the intifata years, you didn’t see,hear anything but learning torah while in the yeshiva. It was the redio, t.v. and other news media that would show the scary stuff going on that had our parents worried. Not that it wasn’t REAL, but we never felt threatened in yeshiva with torah as our protection. Practically speaking, it’s not poshut bringing home kids from yeshiva/sem. away from limudei kodesh. A shaila should definitely be brought to your rav’s attention, and discussed at length before making such a big move.


    Bring home the girls, since its optional. The boys benefit from the Torah.


    Move there.


    Same question was asked in August 2001, when the Sbarro’s Pizzeria on the corner of Yaffo and King George was bombed. Lots of guys/girls that would have been going to Yeshiva/Seminary in Eretz Yisroel stayed in the “safer” America. Then 9/11 happened and these kids and their parents looked even more ridiculous.


    Davka during the bad times, WE should be getting up and going to EY. Husband and I will be moving next summer, IY’H, but wish we were ready to go right this second.

    Remember also, Israeli parents don’t have the option of sending their kids somewhere “safer”. They just live with the daily reality. If your kids are EY this year (as my brother is; my parents are nervous, but then again, I was there during the end of the intifada/2006 war, so they’re used to it), now you get a dose of what an Israeli parent has to live with every day.


    This is a question to ask your rav. Keep in mind that we all need shmira wherever we are.



    If you are worried about impending troubles in Eretz Yisrael, you would never go there.

    You might want to skip the US as well.

    You might want to avoid Olah ha-Zeh – it’s full of troubles.

    just me

    I wasn’t planning to take my kids home. I was just curious about other people. I believe that the same One that watches them here, is watching them there. My son says he feels the same way. He promises not to go through the Arab shuk on Friday singing Hatikva.

    Ms. Critique, if you think kids can’t or don’t mingle just because their parents are in the same city, you should learn more about kids.


    just me

    Unfortunately i am quite aware what is going on with todays kids , especially those who are handed cell phones and credit cards freely.

    But woe to the parents that went into hock so their children can freely loaf around and they think they are studying or learning!

    In my corner of town, B”H i don’t see any boys and girls mingling and i hope it stays this way.

    Yes, we do have children and grandchildren who are our crowns and joy for the nachas they give us.

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