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    There are loads of different shitas as far as why to pospone a Bris.

    Can the public please elaborate on the subject?


    many hold that a baby with jaundice cannot have the bris on time. My son developed jaundice within three days (so common in newborns), and our frum pediatrician spoke to the mohel and they both agreed the bris should be b’zman, and so it was. There were absolutely no ill effects. The extent of the jaundice, however, needs to be examined both visually and through blood tests, and if severe enough, the bris will be postponed.

    If a baby seems to have a blood clotting problem at birth, that is a MAJOR reason to postpone, as would be any condition that is potentially life-threatening. My granddaughter was in the neonatal unit for two weeks. Had she been a boy, the bris would definitely not have taken place on time.


    My frum Doctor told me my kid was fine for a bris but my mohel said medically and halachically are far apart and my son (eye infection) wouldn’t be able to have the bris if it doesnt clear up in time.

    Aishes Chayil

    An eye infection is a problem according to the Shulchan Orech.

    However, a bris has to be performed as soon as the child is considered ok, and cant be pushed off ….


    once a bris is not on time the 8th healthy day is when you make it not the moment it clears (unless it clears on the 8th day)


    This is a never ending discussion with paradoxical views. For the most part, the doctors are in favor of doing the bris bazman (an eye infection medically is unrelated to a bris) and the poskim tend to want to delay it (a sick baby is a sick baby).


    being that bris is halachah and not medical one should follow the mohel.

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