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    What is the name of the Brisker Haggadah and where can i get it in Monsey?


    There is the Beis Halevi’s Haggadah, which is pretty as Brisk as they come. There is also a sefer Me’orie Mo’adim (I think that’s what its called) with a collection of Torah from Family Soloveitchik – from the Beis Halevi, R’ Chaim, The Brisker Rav, R’ Berel and down to R’ Dovid shlit”a. It isn’t a Haggadah, but it has a lot on ????? ???.

    Rebbe Yid

    They make you say the whole haggadah twice–once with “zeicher” liyetzias mitzraim, and once with “zecher.”


    Try Tuvia’s and that place in Shopper’s Haven.

    I actually just bought the Beis Halevi haggadah. It came recommended by a rav, a friend and two different Manny’s employees.

    stam a deya

    Try also ???? ????? which takes out the most “usable” quotes on the text of hagada itself.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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