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    When would it be more efficient to take the Manhattan Bridge instead of the Brooklyn Bridge? And is taking the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel worth the $5 toll?

    The Frumguy

    It’s more efficient when you need to be on the Lower East Side. Sometimes the Brooklyn Bridge is closed so you have no choice.

    I believe the toll at the tunnel is more than $5. I only use it when:

    1) I need it for work

    2) I’m running late

    Hatzlacha with all your travels.


    Tunnel is $6.50, although a bit under $5 with EZ-Pass. It generally only pays at night (when the Brooklyn Bridge is closed) and you don’t have the time to navigate Lower Manhattan, or if the BQE is really backed up at the tunnel split, or if you need to quickly get to the West Side. Coming into Brooklyn it pays if, again, you don’t have much time or aren’t interested in finding your way around the local streets (which can be a pain).

    All other things being equal, the Brooklyn Bridge is your best option of the three (taking price into account).


    When MTA struck during Kisslev/December 2005, or during the blackout of the North East during Av/August 2003 I had no choice but to use the Brooklyn Bridge to walk across, but when the subway runs, I go across the Manhattan Bridge with the Subway.


    Figure out your routes, then listen to the traffic reports. Rocket science it ain’t.


    I take the Brooklyn Bridge during daytime to exit at the Holland tunnel. Otherwise at nite I take the Manhattan to the Holland. At nite Canal St. moves.

    There is no guarantee this is faster. It depends on the meter maids. Last time I went up Hudson St. & the maids weren’t letting you make that left. So I saved no time either way I would have gone. Maybe next time I’ll go all the way to West St. & then turn on Canal going East. Almost always the maids let you make that left into the tunnel.

    The problem with the city is that you need at least 50 IQ to direct traffic and the maids don’t even have that much!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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