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    How does Yeshiva and Beis Yaakov tuition compare between Brooklyn and Lakewood? Is Lakewood much more expensive than Brooklyn? Are discounts provided for a second and third child in the same Yeshiva? What can be expected as far as tuition?


    From asking around what I seem to have gathered is that tuition in Yeshivishe schools are about 4.5K in Bklyn and about 5K in Lakewood. (Chasidish schools are less.) And schools try not to provide discounts for multiple children. Are these ballpark figures about right?


    I’m paying $6400 in Lakewood for a boy.

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    I’m paying $6400 in Lakewood for a boy.

    $6400?!?! My friend said her son in law cost her at least $50000!


    Syag really? then he must be the best boy in Lakewood.


    Wow, $6,400 per child?! Are you comparatively paying on the higher end? That seems to be a lot of money. If someone has six children they’ll be paying over $38,000 a year in tuition??


    Is there a wide disparity in the tuition paid by different families in Lakewood (or between the different Yeshivas)?

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    Hey, 6400 is a deal!!! Averaged out I’m forking over 15g’s a kid!! 6400??? What a steal!!


    CAD: Which locality? Elementary or High?


    Homeschooling is the cheapest and safest.


    If you have school age children do not move to Lakewood unless you have been assured of placement in a school in advance. The schools and other communal infrastucture cannot keep up with the booming growth.


    @rebyidd23 your right! my friends were homeschooled for 4 years and they recently rejoined school and their on the top of the class in kodesh and secular studies


    What are prices for homes in Lakewood these days?


    VerZogt: Does it happen that new families who moved to Lakewood have their children rejected from all Yeshivos? What do they do – I can’t imagine them sending their children to Lakewood Public School.


    wait are you talking about Brooklyn College VS. Lakewood Township College?


    I dont know do home schooled kids adjust to life socially?


    You can become socially adept outside of a school environment.


    Yes renter, I know personally of people whose children in Lakewd did not have their kids enrolled in elementary when the school year started. ,every available opening was taken bysiblings of students, children of moros or rebeim, etc.

    It was traumatic for the kids, parents and gparents. I repeat, don’t even think of moving there unless you are 100%assured of school acceptance. The amazing increase in enrollment year over year makes it impossible for the sschools to keep up.


    I’m living in Brazil me, my wife and 5 kids (10&8 year Girls, 6, 4 & 1 year boys), and we are a traditional litvish family. Right now, i’m paying for tuition (2 girls and 2 boys only) 90.000 reais (almost US$43.000/year). But the account is, i’m making in reais, and paying in reais. The question is, how much i’m going to pay for: tuition + health + food in Lakewood. It’s better go to Lawrence or 5 town area? By the way, i need a large community to make my business work out. How much do i need to make? Thanks everyone in advance for helping me answering this questions.

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