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    My username says it all! In Queens, we have tolerance. You can be left wing MO or Chassidish, and everyone is accepted by everyone else, people are friends with one another. On Shabbos everyone says Good Shabbos (or increasingly, Shabbat Shalom). Our yeshivas are just a drop more expensive then Brooklyn. We have Aron’s (best prices), Seasons (spun off from Pomegrante) and many other stores. Yeah, Brooklyn has more clothing stores. And we have an Eruv that is vigilantly maintained and at least in FH, and KGH, were established under the auspices of Rav Moshe. In KGH we have over 45 shuls. Because our Eruv is accepted by all, women get out on Shabbos, so there isn’t as much of a market for Shabbos robes. We have Yeshiva Gedolahs Ohr Chaim, Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim, and several smaller ones. We do kiruv and make people feel welcome.


    AWOB: Isn’t Queens quickly becoming more Bucharian and increasingly less Ashkenazi?


    To a degree, but we still have two large Yeshiva Gedolahs as anchors, so there is always an influx of Kollel couples, particularly from RSA. The Bucharians have contributed a lot to our community. Just read up on all that Chazaq has done in a relatively short time, such as taking major steps to ensure that all Jewish children have an opportunity to obtain Jewish educations. There are lots of organizations that have talked that talk, Chazaq has rolled up its sleeves and gotten the job done. That’s why Queens is special, there is tolerance of all types and backgrounds, and we work together for the benefit of Klal Yisroel. Differences in nusach don’t divide us.


    Does Queens have a community of Brisker types of Yidden or BMG types, Satmar or Lubavitch Yidden?


    The Rebbe lived in 770 after The Rebbitzen passed away. His bed was moved in to his office and he stayed there. Agav, the shul is not really at the address 770 is had/has a different address but is attached. 770 is the building on the right which contains the small zal (beis medrash) The Rebbe’s office, and The Frierdiker Rebbe’s living quarters etc. These are attached by stairs to the basement shul which most people will recognize from videos of the farbrengens (excepting the ones in the early years which took place in the small zal, and a few times at different venues). Above the basement shul are the offices of Merkaz L’Inyonie Chinuch etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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