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    I really enjoyed this great article in the Hamodia magazine about lighting a fire of enthusiaism in our children. The author mentions that there are so many others things that are exciting out there. While our kids, on the surfice, might do what they should, they need to also feel it inside. If they don’t feel it inside, then other things that look more interesting, could pull them away, G-d forbid. —

    We know that we can’t keep them way from everything. Therefore, we need to help them to build a relationship with Hashem so they stay strong despite other things.

    He suggests we help them with davening, thereby helping their neshama to feel that enthusiaism of connecting to G-d. We should be a good example for them to follow. – It takes effort and time for all of us, but every step counts.


    Wow. What a chiddush. What else is new. Is the sky blue?


    Hi sm29.

    One thing I learned from the classroom, among many other things, is that if we are passionate and enthusiasm, regardless of the material or level of difficulty, the children/young adults, will take grasp.


    Soliek that was harsh.


    Sometimes when we do the same thing over and over, it becomes routine and we don’t feel anything, we do it just by rote. We try to do things quickly because we want to do other things. That’s why we need to put more enthusiasm in prayer and mitzvos.

    To do this, we need to teach WHY to do things, besides how to. If a person doesn’t know why, then they just do it without feeling it inside. This could eventaully lead some to dropping it if they find something else they like more. G-d forbid. Therefore, we should help them be strong.

    The main thing our children need to understand

    is besides the fact that it’s the will of G-d that we do

    Torah, mitzvos and prayer, it is because He loves us and wants what is best for us, and this is what is what feeds our neshama and connects us to Him.

    And secondly, it also has an IMPACT on the WORLD. Our mitzvos create positive energy and aveiros create negative energy. For instance prayers heal, while loshon hara ruins.

    Understanding this can help then have more kavanah and keep it with them despite the different things out there.


    “Soliek that was harsh.”

    Yes it was. I’m sick of people getting so bedazzled by what should be obvious. Don’t even get me started.


    I’m sorry if my first post was too obvious, that’s why I wrote a second post 🙂


    Actually, the author said that schools focus a lot on learning, which is good, but they also need to work on helping the students to make their davening more meaningful in order to have a better connection to Hashem. While it might seem simple, we still need to work on it. And don’t wait until they fall through the cracks.



    You don’t live on an island. You need to learn to tolerate and respect all kinds of people, including those who “get so bedazzled by what should be obvious.”


    soliek the same way we learned to tolerate you, you have to learn to tolerate us

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    Soliek, so do you think that the Mesilas Yesharim is pointless? (See the authors intro)


    I think soliek’s name should be a link to the thread I’m Gone.

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