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    I was wondering if anyone in the YWN Coffee room can help me on this topic. I would also assume it’s something that many people can benefit from.

    To write the question in short would be “What business/career should I go into”? In more detail, I would like something that has major growth potential. Though most businesses have some growth potential, some have much more then others. Opening a new business is something which is extremely hard and more then that, one has to think of a great idea to be successful. The obvious ones I’ve heard are Real Estate, Construction, Development, Nursing Homes. The problem is I have no idea where to find out about these businesses and where to begin, if I do want to start with one of them. Regarding becoming a professional, like a lawyer, phycologist etc. there are two issues, one is the amount of years before you’re even beginning to make any sort of money, and the cost of such a course is exorbitant and I don’t really have anyone who can finance that. I am therefor more inclined towards real estate, etc. But I would love to hear everyone’s opinion.

    A little bit about myself (I’m modest, but I will try to be honest so that answers can be accurate!). I’m very bright, I’m a hard worker and very dedicated to what I put myself to.

    Thank You in advance!


    Opening a business also costs money.


    First become realistic. Then find a job. Work a little. Or open a fruit store. That’s a nice business for pea brains.


    Joseph: True. Just that you can begin working first for someone then break off on your own. The question is what field to enter.

    theprof1: I assume you’re trying to be insulting though I’m not sure why you would want to do that. Nonetheless, I’m sorry to tell you that it didn’t work, so I would recommend you to try again!


    If you realized that he meant to insult you,

    then his attempt to be insulting was successful.

    (As I understand it, the insult is the p’ulah of insulting,

    not the chalos of the person’s being insulted.)


    Comlink-X -“If you realized that he meant to insult you,

    then his attempt to be insulting was successful”

    Here’s one: He shouldn’t become a spelling teacher!

    What’s a “phycologist”?

    Chara gaon

    Sell mangos on a street corner


    First I would suggest you identify whether you have the personality to start and run your own business. Some people are better suited to be an employee of a company that pays benefits. You may want to search out a professional job counselor to determine your aptitudes. But i will give you a hint: When you were a kid or older, did you find ways to make money? Some people are born businessmen, they have ideas, are industrious, hard-working etc. If up to now, you haven’t really engaged in anything of the sort you may not want to puruse that. Better get training in something like plumbing (they make a lot of money!), appliance repair or auto repair.

    The Queen

    It is never a good idea for someone who is starting out, to open there own business, besides for the fact that it costs a lot of money, you can lose a lot of money by making mistakes.

    First you need to get a job and work for someone. After you worked for someone for a while and learn the trade, you can go out on your own.

    As for what field to enter, there are tests you can take to help you narrow down your choice.

    Also, and this is great advice if you are lucky enough to be in a position to use it. Do something you enjoy doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.


    I’ve recently starting listening to a great podcast on soundcloud called “Ask Pat” and it’s full of good ideas about running business and/or website. He’s got a lot of great advice that applies to a range of fields and even though he’s not Jewish he focuses a lot on how to make money while still developing your family life so it’s not all just about chasing another dollar.

    In general I’d recommend something you find interesting or enjoy doing already and consuming as many books/blogs/podcasts/etc. as you can about it to really get a feel for the field.

    A BIG thing I’d recommend is look up people involved in that line of work. Find a business or person doing something you’re interested in and find their email address off their website or their number in the phonebook.

    If they are located near you then visit the office in person. Basically say you’re interested in pursuing a career in that field and you’d like to know what their day-to-day work entails as well as what kind of education or experience they needed to get into it as well as other advice they have to offer. Also ask how much you can expect to earn doing such work.

    Don’t be shy – people generally like talking about themselves and will be flattered that somebody values their opinion or experience. Maybe they will be busy when you get a hold of them but will be willing to speak in the evening, etc. so don’t be afraid to chase them. The worst they can say is no or ignore you.

    Best advice for last…. DAVEN like crazy for clarity!!! And stay positive – often failures are just Hashem’s way of testing your resolve.


    “Do something you enjoy doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

    Because they’re not hiring in that field.

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