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    bael teshuva

    2 KOSHER groceries, No traffic. A few jewish neighborhoods


    Very hard to get a job.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Colder winters/more snow than NY


    The correct spelling is “cheap”, not “cheep”.


    For misnagdim, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Shomrim (d/b/a Guardians and previously known as “Indigenous Americans” or l’havdl “Indians”)


    When living in Maryland I went to Cleveland during the winter.
    None for me thank you.

    Sam Klein

    You forgot to mention that Cleveland as well as the other Jewish communities in Ohio including Cincinnati and Columbus come with free education VOUCHERS covering one of our biggest expenses for paying for sending our children to private schools for chinuch.


    How do vouchers work out for the community? Do they fully cover tuition or in part? Do schools need to certify that they are teaching yinglish? does it change variety of schools and power relationship between parents and school principals?


    The Atlanta community is one of the nicest communities that exist. They are extremely unjudgemental and very warm and personable. Last year I stayed there with my wife and usually people think they’re my religous counsler and tell me that it’s better not go to the shabbat davens then to drive there in my car, but the rabbi there was extremely understanding and never said anything to me about it once! Great kidoish after the morning davens and the rebenzins chala was super good, reminds me of how rabbi feinstein used to treat us.


    Extremely active NCSY for kinderlach as well

    Sam Klein


    I’m not from Cleveland but I have family members living there and I believe vouchers are fully covered by the government for private school education versus other states where all yidden need to pay a large amount of their income to cover their family’s tuition coverage otherwise I wouldn’t have written it as a post

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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