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    We’ve been going to a pretty expensive bungalow colony in the Catskills for the past few years and are looking to cut costs this year and go with something a little cheaper. Can any of you recommend an inexpensive place with a nice, heimishe crowd? Here’s what’s important to us:

    1. Day camp on premises.

    2. Shul on premises. My husband is around all week so minyanim either on grounds or close by.

    3. Yeshivishe crowd (no mixed swimming or movie night).

    4. Decent bungalows–we’re not very demanding so we don’t need much, but a minimum of decency would be nice.

    5. Not more than 15 minute drive to a ShopRite or similar store.



    Why am I only seeing this post in the Decaffeinated Coffee section but not up in the Latest Discussions section?


    Never mind, it’s here now. 🙂

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    You might have a hard time getting responses on this; people won’t want to identify themselves by the bungalow colony they spend their summers in (I hope I’m wrong). Good luck!


    I did realize that, but it doesn’t have to be davka the bungalow colony that they go to. Sometimes people know enough about other colonies to recommend.

    Besides, more than one family attends each colony so most of us still wouldn’t know who they are if they recommend their own colony!


    Take it from a veteran; you only want to go to a place where you know someone. My idea of a “yeshivish” place might be radically different than yours.

    Ditto for the term “decent bungalow”. I’ve seen places billed as “decent” that would not pass for a tool shed, and seen others that I was told were “decent” and they rival my house in Bklyn.

    I know its “only 10 weeks” but getting your family into a place where you don’t mesh will make it seem like time served in Rikers.


    Thanks, BPT. We would definitely research a place and meet some of the families before making a final decision. We would also drive up and look at the bungalows to make sure it meets our (fairly low) standards.


    Is not coffee room a yeshivish bungalow colony gone electronic and run amok?


    Going up top see the place? Wear boots, if its before May, as most places will have 3-4 feet of snow on the ground.

    Also, keep in mind, the snow covered ground hides a lot of the imperfections on the landscape. It might look like a golf course now, but when the snow melts, you get to see how lush (or not) the place really is.

    And when you meet the families, ask to see the photos they took the past summer. Nothing tells the story better than kodak (dress code, age of tenants, designer labels or lack thereof, ect)

    And twisted – CR life is nothing like bungalow life. 10 weeks upstate is like getting married.. to 100+ families. The politics, the drama, the physc of the players.

    Gosh, I could write a book (but can’t, as I’m still behind on my current mini-series)


    I would love to go to a bungalow colony. But can I ask something? If you are all going away to be away from everything then why are you going with everyone? It’s funny I worked in a bungalow colony. It was so bad that I was finally told by my Rav to leave. The lashon hara, the affairs, the laitzanous,that goes on, why do people subject themselves to it? Also, why are people wasting money on it? Why are people leaving their spouses behind? Then what happens? The men come up and want to be with their friends. What happened to spending time with their families? Then couples hang with couples and so on and it’s just so bad. I say just stay home and go away for the weekends.


    WiseWoman – much of what you say (aside from the affairs part) is true to some extent. (the affairs part? that I have yet to see)

    And while you are right, there are some rough spots to be wary of in summer life, I will say this; Like marriage, when its bad, its quite bad. But when its good, its the best thing out there.

    So while you need to be careful upstate (as there is the need to be careful in getting and staying married) the 10 weeks upstate is a lifeline for some people. And for little kids (figure under 10)? Nothing compares. Nothing.


    BPT–Thanks for the advice. We’re not afraid of a little (or a lot of) snow so that won’t keep us away. As far as the grounds go, that’s one thing we don’t care about much. The type of crowd is much more important to us than the grounds. I will ask people for pictures–that’s a great idea.

    So…still no recommendations? Anyone?


    try friendship


    What town is that in?


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