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    It always troubled me that after about 3 weeks of saying mashiv haruah, when it was a complete habit, that I would have to go back and repeat when I didn’t remember. I KNEW I had said it, but a rule’s a rule.

    But I finally got em back, right after Mussaf, I did my 100 while the chazzan did his 1, and there is NO WAY I said it by mincha… but a rule’s a rule.

    In other yom tov davening news, a handy tip to know when you said the wrong vihanchilainu, is if you pause to find out if its bah or bo or bam. And if you wonder “isn’t yaaleh viyavo early on?” then you’re probably davening weekday.


    Obviously if there’s no way you said mashiv haruach you have to repeat shemoneh esrei, even if you did it ten thousand times.


    When I say no way, I mean I didn’t, but I don’t actually recall saying any of the words in the bracha, so it’s bigeder a safek and (I think) Chazaka paskens I said it


    It’s not an issue of remembering. If you know you said it then you don’t repeat. If you know you didn’t say it then you do. It’s only an issue if you’re unsure. I have terrible short-term memory a lot. So I do something like pinch myself or keep a thumbs-up in my pocket so that I will know that I said it, even if I don’t remember the exact words that I said a minute ago.


    sam2: I have better things to do with my time than think about the words coming out of my mouth


    If you take the time to use your mouth, might as well think of what words are coming out of your mouth.

    am yisrael chai


    “I have better things to do with my time than think about the words coming out of my mouth”

    The Chofetz Chaim would probably not agree with you…

    mos yumos

    “I have better things to do with my time than think about the words coming out of my mouth”

    Do you also have better things to do than daven?


    Who exactly did you “get back” at? Last I checked, Chazal were not out to “get” anybody.

    “I have better things to do with my time than think about the words coming out of my mouth”

    You obviously have better things to do with your time than to think when you post.


    So this year, my funny brother decided that we should say mashiv haruach 89 times on shmini atzeres at night, and then just say it once at mussaf and we will be done. So we started saying, and he was counting.

    Then, when we are done, he says “haha, we said it 90 times, so you all better be careful to not say it at shachris tomorrow.”

    But, then he was spacing out at shachris, and probably said it.

    He realized at mussaf time, which was already after chatzos. So he davened 2 mussafs.

    But, at mincha, he realized that he had been being so careful at mussaf, that he accidentally was careful to not say it, instead of to say it.

    So he immediately davened another mincha in place of mussaf.

    But of course that wasn’t correct, since it is still zman mussaf, so he davened another mussaf.

    Then he realized that he was still short a shachris, and that the extra mincha wouldn’t work as a shachris, since he had daas for mussaf.

    But at this point, he was so confused about what he had and hadn’t said, that there was only one solution. He got drunk ??????? ?? ???, and was pattur from mitzvos. In the morning, he said 2 shachrises, went 14 times around the bima, and was good to go.


    Where is your Emunas Chachomim? Chazal say that if you said it 90 times than, Boom! Not to worry, if you have a sofeik, you can rest assured that you said the proper one. (if you KNOW FOR A FACT that you said the wrong one, of course you need to say it again, though.)


    Yatzmich: A not-agreed-upon-by-everyone Shittah in the Achronim can be Kovea reality now? Besides, Chazal never said that you definitely said the right way. They just said what you must assume in the case of a Safek.


    So I mentioned before that if you didn’t have to think about if it’s Bah, Bo, or Bam then you said the wrong ViHanchilainu.

    Well If you DIDN’T have to think about it, then you didn’t say Vihasianu


    I figuratively lol’ed at my story from last sukkos.

    Davar Katan

    And shepseleh how do you know you’re not a treifah? A gavra katila is no laughing matter.

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