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    Anybody else out there likes rain? I feel like Hashem’s washing the streets clean. Of course I love nice weathers but I like the rain too!

    i am here

    yes, I have just about no problem in the rain. And to take care of errands and stuff. The streets need to get clean sometime.

    Each rain drop is a beracha and has its own destination


    I never really appreciated rain until we made aliyah. E”Y is always desperate for rain, so you never really hear anyone complain when it comes.

    I still remember the first rainstorm we had after we made aliyah. It was on a Friday night, and we had just finished the meal and were clearing the table for dessert. There was thunder, the lights went out, and it started pouring. It was amazing to hear, as we hadn’t heard any rain for several months. We all went out the front door to watch. Who watches rain? But we did, as did several of the neighbors. Even our dog was excited; we hooked her to her outside leash, and she stayed out in the rain long after we had gone back to our meal.


    Spring and Summertime, its ok. Winter and fall, not as much

    Feif Un

    R’ Miller zt”l was once walking on a rainy day and heard two women complaining to each other about the weather. He rebuked them for complaining about such a blessing. Without rain, we’d all die!


    I think the thread is applicable for this week here. it rained every single day here!!!!!!!!


    observanteen, why did you write the title the way you did? do you know the song?


    YC: Yep.

    Adorable: Think so too… I love the sun (an a tan):(


    i didnt really like rain, until one of my teachers told me that when it rains the Shamayim is open [for the rain to come down] and it’s a very good time to pray, so now i always think of that when it’s raining and i get excited 😀


    i don’t know if you would feel the same if you were here. We can’t walk outside without getting wet and dirty. People keep slipping in the mud and getting totally filthy. It’s so much fall trudging through the mud to wash the wet muddy smelly laundry. Rain is a brocha when it is needed, I’m not so sure being inundated with continuous rain when it has no where to go because the ground is so sodden that it just sits there is considered gishmei brocha.


    I LOVE the rain, and walking in it and running… especially when its pouring and you get SOAKED!


    today its sunny for a change!!!!!!!!!!


    I love the rain too! I love when I’m wearing clothing I don’t mind getting wet, and I can just walk in the rain and get drenched. And I enjoy the rain pouring down on my windshield, I don’t know, I find it soothing.

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