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    How safe is it to buy a “certified used” cell phone?

    I’m tempted…

    Pros: PRICE, availability of older models (because the newest versions are out of my budget)

    Cons: SOME GUY on the Internet reported that his new “certified used” cell phone overheated and he was lucky he was home at the time because who knows what would have happened…

    I tried to replace a part in my phone, but the tiny screw got skimmed…

    After the rubber band trick didn’t work on the screw, I kind of definitely accidentally super glued the screw to the phone (was supposed to super glue the tiny screw driver to the screw, but I maybe definitely poured too much glue.

    Thank you ☺


    Oops…. I meant “certified pre-owned”


    And I just bought a new old phone… b’esrat Hashem it’ll all be sweet good and wonderful!

    Thanks ☺


    It deppends who is certifying it. Is it apple or Samsung? Verizon? Then it’d probably just as good as new maybe even better because problems have been fixed. If it’s some random guy on eBay…. Obviously should not be trusted. Sure it could be good but could be not.


    Boost Mobile certifying a Samsung phone. I have 7 days to return it, if need be. Hmm… yes, if Samsung certified it, then maybe I’d have more assurance. At least it’s not some guy on eBay! 🙂

    Granted, some eBay guys are legit… but yea, I’m not interested in taking the chance in this context of need.

    Thanks JJ2020 🙂


    Why does it need to be certified? Just like any used phone you buy you should be aware that some parts will break faster than if it was a new phone. I was fine with it and I’ll happily replace my phone every 2-3 years to the newest pre-owned model.


    2qwerty, so you bought yours used too?

    My one year old phone is having charging issues. I bought the right piece to replace it, only to have skimmed the screw with the little screwdriver they gave me. The original screw is at a alight angle.

    To unscrew the messed up screw, I then tried to hammer it in for a second, which didn’t help.

    tried the rubber band trick; it didn’t work. Then I tried the super gluing the screwdriver to the screw trick, but ended up super gluing the screw to the plastic base.

    The flat head screw driver didn’t work either.

    Only thing that I didn’t try is a skimmed screw screw driver, if they even come that small.

    Anyway, now it’s pretty much screwed shut.

    … so you’re content, satisfied with your used phone?

    Thanks for your input 🙂


    Yes I love buying used/pre-owned phones and laptops because i get a new model at cheap price. Never had serious problems with them.


    Try getting it from amazon. If its an amazon 3rd party seller with good ratings then u can try them too. I have been very successful buying 4 phones over the past few year’s on amazon.


    Maybe now that Apple was caught, people will stop letting smartphone companies get away with selling phones that are designed to break just about when the new version is released.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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