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    Is there any halacha that says not to buy stuff for your unborn baby?

    golden mom

    this was a post once before as a norm we dont do before hand but there are many ways to get around it u can go shopping see what u want write all makes and models down and call up the store right after u have the baby and it can be delieverd before u even get home from the hospital

    ask a shela about actually buying stuff most of the time they say that if u will have a major lose ie st on sale or if u have nb to buy for u after…but everybody has to ask their own rav


    i would not do it. no way no how. no loopholes. been there , done that. would not do it! at all. whether you get a psak or not. its a mazel thing not a din thing. i believe


    When we got married, we got a two bedroom apartment right away (with the idea that we wouldn’t have to move when we begin having kids).

    I suppose that’s another halacha that I violated. 🙁

    The Wolf


    Why do we need 2 threads about being superstitious?


    True story:

    My relative was told he was having a girl, so they did girl shopping. As it happened the doctor was wrong, and out popped a boy. To top it all off he was born on April 1st.


    My daughter’s in-laws, who hold from a Rav who is known as, shall we say, marching to his beat; are busy buying stuff for our first grandchild. I’m just gawking at this stage. One thing I haven’t yet asked our own Rav (who is a well known Posek) is whether this generally applies just to the parents, or also to grandparents. Just thought of that as I was typing this.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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