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    ED IT OR

    Shopping; Welcome back!

    it def sounds like you have been re-caffeinated!


    Shopping613: I havent been a teen for quite a few years already but my sensitivity is still there. If someone says something that might insult me, whether i know them or not, I’ll be hurt. I dont like it when someone is upset at me and vice versa. You are allowed to feel however you feel. And you can express that too if thats what you want.

    I can understand why some would feel you might be too sensitive. Thats their prerogative. But they should use sensitivity when telling you that, cuz just like you, they are allowed to post how they feel too.

    I can understand why some support you too. But they should use sensitivity too when telling others why, cuz just like you, they are allowed to post how they feel.

    Lets all shake hands, clink our coffee mugs, and be caffienated CR buddies!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Jmh- that is a very interesting thought. I didnt do anything on purpose. I guess your right, it sounds like i sort of did that, but i didnt mean to! I was trying to get across how i feel, and that i thought it was wrong what they said, and yekke2 saw my feelings and apolagized. If that is emotional blackmailinv i am terribly sorry. I think i did what would of been accepted normally at my level oc stress and other things right now. I did make a really big deal, but in the end i realized they gave me the chance i needed to leave, and to learn a few things from it too.

    If emotionally blackmailing is where i get learned a few lessons ( ex. To control my anger, not make such a big deal of things, patience and a whole lot more) and it helps me see thibgs more clearly than oviyously is it a good thing. You can judge for yourself if that what i did. But whatever i did, it was good for me. Even though i was wrong


    Shopping! Welcome back. We await your upbeat, witty, lively posts.

    (Isn’t it funny saying “Hello” in a “Bye Bye” thread?)

    Shopping613 🌠

    Arent you the new kid here????? Ussually new kids dont welcome old members, you must be a clone…maybe of Oh shrek, like the other person said


    Ok, I’m sorry for welcoming you.


    Shopping, please dont go into this ‘suspecting everyone’ mode.

    A few posters already took it upon themselves to call out other posters, and they got bitten, it caused a lot of hard feelings, leave this to the mods.


    Hi Shopping. Welcome back 🙂

    Shopping613 🌠

    Ok, youre right! Thanks sharp! Ive missed you guyz!

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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