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    Are we eating that many pistachios? Besides in nut mixes or sold roasted alone, and maybe ice cream and baklava toppings, how are we stuffing that many pistachios into our bellies?

    “California pistachio producers have another mission.

    They’re lobbying hard to keep a stiff tariff on Iran’s raw in-shell pistachios. Iranians hope to remove a 241 percent duty that’s jacked up their potential U.S. prices since the mid-1980s. Federal officials will have to sort it all out, and soon

    During the 2014–15 crop year, U.S. pistachio production surpassed 512 million pounds.

    The pistachio industry provides my constituents with stable, well-paying jobs,” Rep. David Valadao, R-Calif., advised the trade commission, adding that the “significant investment in pistachio acreage and processing facilities has made a positive impact on my district’s communities.” (Hamodia)


    Pistachios are delicious and tariffs are not.


    I haven’t had great pistachios since Zaloom 7 Star disappeared when the US Embassy was taken over in Tehran 36 years ago.
    The California product is not as good.

    As for the OP’s question…
    we use pistachio’s in baking (cakes, pastries) In fact it was the flavor of our wedding cake about 45 years ago.
    We also use pistachios in the stuffing for veal breast, rolled pickled beef roast and capons.
    Lastly, it was a family tradition to use pistachios instead of coins or candy when playing Dreidl on Chanukah


    The USITC has been debating this issue for years with very consistent outcomes. As distinct from the Department of Commerce, they are very apolitical and call balls and strikes based on objective metrics of injury to U.S. producers.

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