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    My doughter wants to go to a camp called camp chaviva…anyone here anything about it?


    i never went but all my friends tell me its a lot of fun and a great camp!!! i’ve seen pictures and heard all about it and it really does seem like a good camp-


    I know a bunch of people who go, and looking at their pictures, it looks like such an amazing place! They have a blast! I don’t know how old your daughter is, but i personally know one of the TC sups who are going this year, and she is the best, as all the counselors are amazing!!!!



    My daughter went last year. Great Camp. Used to be Camp Segula.


    It’s similar clientele as Bnos. My daughter is going this summer. If you didn’t apply yet-good luck getting in!

    Helping Yisroel

    is your doughter staff or a camper

    Sister Bear

    A lot of my friends went/go there. Its a great camp. Looks like a lot of fun. The girls (at least my friends are) good girls who come from solid frum homes.

    Helping Yisroel

    is it hard to get in there as staff


    i have ben to a bunch of camps and never had a greater experience then in chaviva

    the only prob is: e/o wants 2 go but slots r very limited!

    if u can get in deffinately go!


    It sounds like a good camp (from what I heard) although I heard its a rich crowd.***don’t know if its rly true just heard it***


    i went for the past 3 yrs and to say it very simply i absolutely loved it. i had the time of my life in a good way. my first year was TC year. i was really nervous cuz most girls already had their friends from the yrs before but it was not an issue at all. the girls were so friendly and welcoming. the next 2 yr i was staff. i luved both being and camper in that amazing camp. of u have any questions u can ask here and i’ll try my best to answer.


    i went there when it was called segula and i loved it !!!!!

    i went as a tc was soooooooo awesome she should definately go!!!


    Camp Bnos is the BEST!!!


    My daughter has been there since day 1 that the camp has opened (when it was called Segula)& she absolutely has loved every single year of it – every summer she has a blast & when she comes home after the summer, she always has loads of stories to tell me along w/ all her pictures that she has in her camera & the newsletters that they give out at the end of each trip, etc……


    I have been there since the first year, when it was camp Segula. I Went basically alone, coming from out of town and from the second i got there, i felt like i was so part and involved!! The girls that go there are amazing, sincere and solidly frum.They make every girl feel like they are amazing!! The staff there are warm and caring. It doesn’t make a difference if your 10 or 18 everyone loves each other and is friends with each other!! Ive been in Segula/Chaviva for 5 years now,and to tell you, i grew so much from each summer, they truly are an inspiration to me.


    Shanzze-I’m getting off topic for a sec here-I registered my daughter in sternberg,she too is going by herself,without a single friend. Can you tell me how it was to get on the bus and be all alone? And how was it when you got to your bunk,were all the girls friends from before? Did you feel like the odd man out out? Because I’m beginning to have second thoughts on sending her all by herself! Please felons about your experience! Thanks


    yea i went there and its a great camp!! i’m going this year again and i hope to go many more times over. The space is very limited but if you can get in, it’s amazing! They have great staff and they’re always willing to help out. Whoever goes there knows how wonderful the camp is and the camp director, Rabbi Nosson Neuman, my principal really knows what he is doing!!! you have get an application by september. after that its to late, but its worth it! I love Camp Chaviva!


    Sof davar- not true. I went there also the most amazing camp in the mountains!! you should totally send your daughter there!


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