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    The Frumguy

    I’m curious to know whether any of you out there attended Camp Deal in New Jersey in the late 60’s early 70’s(that’s before they changed the name to Dora Golding). That’s when camps were camps!! Would love to hear your memories.

    The Frumguy

    I remember Choo-Choo (Lionel) Friedman, Aaron “The Axe” Akselrod, Head Counselor Rabbi David Himber.


    My father used to tell me he was a counselor there, but all he ever mentioned was that I shouldn’t complain about my camps as he had outhouses there.

    The Frumguy

    rescue37 – Not to mention a communal shower!!


    I believe there is a brief mention of the camp in Amos Bunim’s “Fire in His Soul”

    The Frumguy

    Thanks, aniceberg. I’ll try to look it up — it’s a real memory.


    I was a counselor there in the summer of 1966, with Steve Kelter, Ray Stern, Eliyahu Safran…. Heshy Weinreb was running the camp.

    It was basic, but the campers had a good time and there was learning every morning. Counselor Alan Weinstock supplied a bit of guitar playing,

    Fond memories of that summer.


    I got there is the late 70s when it was already Dora golding. Rabbi himber was still there (had had a really cool motorcycle) as was rabbi axelrud. That’s when camp was camp. The big trip of the summer was the trip to camp. Our big trips off camp grounds was a home to local waterfall in the backyard of a home owned by 2 women and to the local gas station for soda and chips.


    Wow– I was just thinking about this camp after 50 or so years.
    I attended approx. 1965-1968.
    I lived on lower east side and went to MTJ.
    A guy in my building who was older was a counselor at the camp– he was killed at camp deal by a lighting bolt on a Friday before the Sabbath. We were playing baseball outside of the dining room when it struck him in his belt. Likely occurred in 1967 or so.

    Some older lady owned the camp and it was free for most.


    Yeah, @barrya – most probably Mrs. Golding did. She was a very well known wealthy woman who was probably older at the time. (She’s mentioned in All For The Boss as Neche Golding)


    Hi all, I was at Camp deal for I think 7 trips over 7 years from around 1961 to 1968. I was there when the counselor was struck and kI’ll ed by lightning. There was another injured as they sat under a large tree when a quick thunderstorm came. They rushed us in to the bunks. I too have very fond memories of camp. Including sending home a card to my paren’t saying I lost my shoe. And then another card saying I found it. I got in trouble when a few of us broke into the theatre, yes we had a theatre too, as there was a pay phone there and some of us including me called home.
    I also remember Mrs Golding coming in her Rolls, Black beautiful and letting us go inside in back from one side out the other. And she came into the kitchen and brought more white bread out and put on our tables. My only complaint is why change the name even though she donated millions and camp was moved to PA as the Deal property was worth millions too, they should have kept it named as Camp deal. Afterall it was/is a boys camp, duh.



    #Barrya, שלום וברכה
    We definitely know each other! I too am a LESer, and went to MTJ. I was at Deal for 4 years, and in PA. another 5 years. To change the subject… Rabbi Frankel was niftar last month ח’ סיון. He was buried in הר המנוחות.
    I live in E. Y. and would like to rekindle the friendship.


    I attended Camp Deal from approximately 1956-1961. I remember one counselor’s name – Heshy. There were two Syrian kids from Bensonhurst in my bunk plus one childhood friend. I don’t remember anyone else.. Among all the people I knew who went to summer camp, this one was definitely the cheapest edited We couldn’t afford a better one apparently. There was a theme song we sang “Ay Yi Yi Yi Kus, nobody’s like us, we are the boys of old Camp Deal, always a winning always a grinning always a feeling fine, ay yi yi, etc.
    Other camps had rowing, horse back riding, etc. We had torn window screens, baseball, basketball, a pool, marching, not much else. I remember doing some fun skits in the “rec” hall and watching movies on rainy days.


    I went to camp deal on the 60s . Usually for one trip then day camp back home . Remember choo choos trailer and rabbi axelrod. I did go to Dora Golding for a year in PA then moved on. I lived in Bensonhurst Brooklyn and came to camp with a couple of friends . Can’t forget the fun times and sports that we played . Of course no swimming was allowed on Shabbat . My dad was a division head there in the 40s . He loved the place too.


    Was it a Federation camp back then too, with so many scholarship kids?

    Dr. Pepper


    I think his name was Avraham Grosser A”H and he was niftar in 1964. If I remember correctly he was about 17 at the time.

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