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    Please share your memories from Camp Morris.

    YW Band

    I have too much to say!

    1. “The Shot Heard All Around the Country”: The best player on the Morris team (i think of all time) was Katzy. We were playing Heller and it was a back & forth game. It got down to the very end with a score of 58-56 Heller. Morris hit a 2 to tie it up. The place roared like you never heard it before. Can you imagine the sight of some of the Rabbeim at the game? well they were lol. So Heller was fouled and the hit both shots (shoot). Now with 6 seconds left, of course they pass the ball to Katzy & he went for a fade-away 3 pt & he swished it!!! Everyone in the gym jumped up with a victory cheer! Morris finally beat one of the good teams, but that was the last big victory of the All-Star Era…

    2. Ping-Pong is the main sport. I witnessed 2 famous guys who knows stocks etc were shmoozimng about stocks over a fast pace ping-pong game. I guess you can call them pros…

    3. The Morris Lawn. A place to learn with relaxation & feel geshmake breeze & gear up to get a hitch lol

    4. The Guesthouse. The 9 & 10th Grade bunkhouse. The head sleeps there so they don’t have much slack

    The Ranch. The 11th Grade bunkhouse. They still have an OD.

    The Doghouses. The 12th Grade bunkhouses No more OD! It consists of 2 rooms per bunkhouse with 4 beds in each room. Btw 1 of my friend’s room had a hole in floor so mice were invited lol.

    The Barracks. The Bais Medrash bunkhouses. The place which Mesivta was dying for. Used mainly for grilling, playing chess, cards, reading Harry Potter (things in my days) & have nice rooms with 3 beds in each with good shower & quite spacious.

    These are only a part of my memories & I’d like to hear others as well.


    Is it also known as Machne Moshe?


    Here’s some good Morris trivia

    Who was Tommys shver?

    How many guys could hit a baseball to the Road?

    How many years was MW the baal koreh (an amazing baal koreh who’s voice rings in my ears when hearing the summer parshiyos)

    Which head counselor arranged a go cart track in the back of the baseball field (early 80’s) & which BM bochur took all the tires & put them on the roof of the Bais Medresh?

    Who ran the canteen in the early 80’s (now a mesivta rebbi)

    Who took the mesivta bochurim on the most amazing trips to lake wallenpaupack (now a caterer)?

    YW Band

    1. His wild dog lol

    2. Everyone excluding me lol (btw Rabbeim used to play & hit it everytime!)

    3. Up until 5 yrs ago when changed Bal Korei to another amazing voice

    4. lol i wasnt there then

    5. i can prob guess but i wouldnt say it here lol

    6. diddo

    Now for you: How much $ did it cost then? (im kidding)

    How many new creations did the cook make for Friday night meals?

    How many years has R’Homnick Shlita been saying Tisha Bav shiur? (thats a real famous one!)


    Rav Homnick Shlita zul g’zunt un shtark zein has been darshening on tisha bav for close to 5 generations (ie elte zaydes thru ir einicklach) Its one of the highlights of a summer in Camp Morris. Every year he goes over the same sugyos peppered with his classic divray chazal, vertlach, maasalach, musser & maaseh rav. And don’t forget his special Eli Tziyon V’oreha….


    Is this about Camp Morris the camp or Camp Morris the bungalow colony?


    most YESHIVISH camp!!!!

    loved my few summers that i spent there


    At the Cheder Day Camp or the sleepaway camp?


    How’s Morris doing?


    Do all the participents get there own m16 and tours of guard duty?

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