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    Hi, as anyone here been to Camp Raninu or is going this year and can tell me about it please?? and whether its worth going as a waitress…do they also join the activities etc?? Thanks so much its a big help!!

    the plumber

    Well my daughter went as a waitress 2 yrs ago. She said it was great just the girls Wer hashkafically not on the same level.

    They join the activities, but my daughter would have preferred not.

    It’s a very good camp though.

    I. M. Shluffin

    Raninu is an amazing camp, kinayna hara. I’m going there this year as a counselor, iy”h (shucks, I finally revealed my gender!), and my sister is going there as a first-time camper. I’ve been there for three years. Also not hashkafically my level. Think on-the-knee skirts, and juicy brand socks and sweatshirts. You could call it new-yorky, but there are tons of out-of-towners (such as I). The camp rav lifts the kedusha level of the camp by miles. Also, the staff is friendly and fun. Activities are amazing, trips are amazing… what else do you want to know? I’m pretty sure waitresses go on trips.

    It’s very much worth going as a waitress. You don’t work that hard. Waitresses get up in the morning to prep the dining room, and they only work during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so they have the rest of the time free. There’s a lot to do even when you’re not working – pool, lake, basketball, archery, baseball, volleyball, tetherball, canteen… Tips are great, especially if you have large bunks at your regular tables. You’ll have some days off. There are shops within a drive-able distance.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    you’re a girl?!?! Woah.


    Thanks so much!

    What do you mean when you say not Hashkafically your level…is it BY type? and how often a week is there trips? and where? and of activities…ta a lot…oh and is there any english girls?


    How is the food?

    Shopping613 🌠

    I’m a second halfer, been there twice and want to go back SOOOO bad!!!

    I think I gained at least 20 pounds the last summer, the food was just SOOOO good! Who says camp food is bad?

    I was an out of towner and had TONZ of friends!!! Everyone is really nice! It is so worth it to go, I would too, if I could…

    Anyone want to pay for my flight?

    It is very brand-name type, but I had none of those and had a great summer all the same…

    Of course there are snobs, usually staff kids, but that’s everywhere

    In my day the waitresses tripled as lifegaurds and O.D. But that was a few years ago, it may be different now…

    They have many staff activities, but I don’t remember them ev er joining us…

    You also get good tips!!!!

    Have fun ukplaty! Maybe you’ll be my friends waitress…are you doing Raninu or Rina?

    I.M. Shluffin, have fun too…

    which half are you going, second half has more out of towners and is more open, friendly, and there’s less people…

    I. M. Shluffin

    it’s not really a hashkafic difference more than an in-town/oot difference. Everyone is tznius (aside from on-the-knee skirts with juicy socks that just reach the hemline, but barely. Tons of exceptions, of course. Everyone davens, though some might not if they weren’t in camp. Idk. It’s hard to explain. Raninu is a certain type, in and of itself. Like shopping613 said, Raninu has it’s snobs and politics, but that’s mainly with campers. There are so many super sweet people who just you to have a good time. Just go – it’ll be worth it, fer sure!

    Yes, many staff memebers double and triple and sometimes quadruple up, if they have the flexibilty in their job. I know someone who was a sports counselor, canteen, shiur, and something else. I think most staff are OD at one time or another.

    There is one main big trip each half (and a trip for girls who don’t have visitors on visiting day), and bunks can earn walmart. I think staff can hitch rides with walmart winners. Big trips include dorney park, hershey park, six flags… i don’t remember what else. I haven’t been there in two years.

    Activities: banana boating on the lake, night activity, first half production (cantata)/second half parade, color war, mini race cars, ropes course, iceberg climbing thing on the lake, trampoline on the lake, and some new stuff they’ve added since I’ve been there.

    You must be english, right? (uk, ta… what does platy mean?)

    The food is beyond description. SO much of it! SO so so so good! You’ll never have the same food twice in a week. The cook is incredible. Erev shabbos kugel is scrumptious. I think some parents come on visiting day just to get the big lunch 🙂 jk

    I’m going first half, iyh. I’ve never been there for second half, but one of my sisters has.


    Hey I wonder if I know u… Coz I’m English too-!! Anyways I went last yr as a counsellor … What do u wanna know…. I’ll gain loads of weight- rly good food!! Don’t expect to do any major shopping during camp do that before of after… U can go to the galleria on urn day off otherwise no other shopping .


    shopping613: thanks..truth is i havent applied but my 2 friends have and im thinking of joining them as a waitress(coz no space left to be counselor)but im not sure-its far! its raninu btw..whats rina?come this year…!

    i.m.shluffin:yeah im english.platy is short for animal platypus…quite random but ull laugh if u check a pic of it. enjoy it!

    hashtag:oooh i wonder too! food rly is putting me on! was there a bus back to lakewood or sthin? and where nearest town?thnx

    I. M. Shluffin

    Uh, yeah. It’s far. But it’s fun! Especially if you go with your friends.

    Rina is the teenage division of camp within Raninu, for girls going into 10th and 11th grades. They have their own bunks, activities and schedules, shul, play, etc. They share the same grounds as raninu, and use the same things, for the most part.

    I know what platypuses are 🙂 Yeah. they’re really cute. Hey, we’re related! I’m a turtle sometimes. Turtles also swim.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Honesdale, PA is the closest, this would be my last year in being a camper, I’d be a major if I was going…. 🙁

    Totally fun!!! The grounds are big and awesome, and when regular activities can’t be done (rainy days, one year it rained ALL second half!!! Sounds weird now, since I’m in Israel and rain is unheard of in the Summer…) there are awesome substitutes…like mud sliding..OOH that was SOOO much fun!!! We came back after sliding down the gigantic sports hill COVERED in mud!!! Then we had a water fight and went and danced in the rain…

    When they write to bring rain boots, it not for no reason…

    Also did you know there’s a secret blueberry patch in the forest past the right of the sports hill, facing the hill just go up and up and up past the hill and into the forest and go and pick some blueberries!!!

    There are so good….that’s one of Raninu’s biggest secrets since the staff want to hog them all..

    Also when it rains, the stones that line the paved paths are all wet and out come the totally cutest orange salamanders with little sports!!!! I was one of the girls whom get all three of mine secretly and broght them home…

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