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    I heard a lot of people on YWN coffee room have been to camp Raninu (CR does not only stand for coffe room) anyway I pretty much miss camp and I can’t go back, to lift my spirits can anyone answer this question? Who here has been to camp Raninu?



    I went 2 raninu 2!


    Ya briendy what were you? Maybe I met you maybe I didn’t I was a very popular girl in camp I probobly knew a bunch of girls in your bunk……



    my friend is going to be a mothers helper in raninu, are mother helpers considered nerdy????????? thnx!!!!!!!



    omgalwayz, Depends how confident she is. I remember this adorable girl that was a mothers helper in camp faygah. She dressed with it, had a lot of friends and loved her job. She didnt walk around shlumping while pushing a carriage. Its a great way to be able to get to camp whe money is tight.

    Pple do not such cool things but if they are confident with themselves it doesnt come across nerdy.


    No definetly not, just say that shes trying it out, raninu mother helpers come FREE!


    Ah i have a questionnn. one of my really awesome close friends is gonna be working as a mothers helper this summer. but she doesnt know anybody going there, shes extremely outgoing and is sweet and has a huge sense of humor, and an all together amazing friend. no matter what i tell her, shes still a little nervous that she wont meet anybody there. you have experience, what do you think??


    reminds me of my first year, i came from the middle of no where and did not know anyone!i was really worried, but raninu is a VERY out going camp and all the girls (well except the kids whoose parents work there, and they think they own the whole world)are very nice! after 2 years i know practically half the camp! and as they say, all klal yisroel is connected! i met many people related/friends of people from my city!


    Ok. So is raninu a place where you are like judged depending on what brands of clothing you wear, or how many friends you make?


    no, not nessissarily i didnt wear any brands like juicy and hello kitty, and i was fine! if you just look friendly and nice youll make plenty of friends!


    Totally not! it does not matter what you wear. Everyone is very friendly! by the way i was a chatzotzrah jc also…when it was year 11 in camp!

    shnitzlalltheway- which half is your friend going this summer? I’m going 2nd half!



    shnitzalltheway- not at all!- when ppl call it jappy they *don’t* mean that 1)everyone is 2)the kids are mean! everyone get’s along and no one judges anyone based on what they wear- even ages don’t matter! my campers had friend in age groups 2 years older! and i was friends with kids a few yrs younger too!-

    its a chilled matzev- do you have a blue sweatshirt that says “it’s a chilled matzav!” ? i was a major that yr! –



    mods- please dont’t post this post edited

    btw- mods are under appreciated!



    mods-thank you


    its a chilled matzev- i think she is going both, but im not sure. what are you going as??

    okay thanks guys! ill send her to this site and hopefully she’ll be a little more excited!


    Ya definitely and I know literally half of RANINU, I would have ppl I had never seen in my life come up to me and say ” you like nice, what’s your name?” and theses kids were anywhere from 9-18 trust me, age is just a number!


    so shopping613, you arent going this year?

    also, ok is it a bad idea if she goes both halves and doesnt know anybody to begin with?


    what are mods?


    no i cnt go back unfortunately, id say why but thats private info! it is not a bad idea, but she may get homesick! mods are the people that make sure nothing inappropriate is posted onto this site, they look through every post before it gets put online and if they think a post is too long to read through, or unfit you will not see it online!



    no not at all!! i went my first year (a long time ago)no knowing a soul, and i made my best friends there, and there still one of my closest friends today! also if you stay whole summer youll for sure befriend a couple of kids who are also staying whole summer, so she would know ppl 2nd half



    its a chilled matzav- what bunk where u a jc for in year 11??


    haha well thats a good idea to have mods.

    alrightyyy then! i will let her know that raninu definitely is not a scary place after all ๐Ÿ˜€

    oh and also whats the best staff job someone could get?


    hmmm…well it depends, a counsler and jc is most enjoyable cuz you still get to do activities but it still costs money…..but if your looking in high up in the ranks then a head counsler is better, of course you have to be much more crazy, and willing to dress up and embaress yourself every day ๐Ÿ™‚


    kk so like is junior specialty or waterfront or even ropes course fun?


    Well ropes you need to be strong to hold up the kids all day on a harness, boats you need lifegaurdkng or wtvr and water/boats expireince!


    alrightyyyy sounds like fun!!! hahah sorryyy just one more thing i think is good to ask, what types of things do you have to pack? just so she has a heads up


    Shes going to raninu? They give you a list, if she hasn’t gotten one then she should contact them, its ok I don’t mind answering questions! Any more?


    haha she said that nobody gave her one.. she shud email or call?


    Please allow a link mods! Thanks in advance! To contact camp raninu go to:

    campraninu(dot)com most likely email because they can email her the list! If she has any more questions, just post!



    Bump for you kkls45

    Mod -this thread was allowed before, so it SHOULD be allowed again WITHOUT EDITING!

    I am not going to let you say anything I didn’t let you say on the other thread



    Love this thread!! The title is soo true ๐Ÿ™‚ Ahh mods can be annoying but they r just doing their jobs I geuess! It’s funny how ppl on this thread (and also other people who have never been there) think that it’s a crazy camp were u have to bring only name brands..but wen u get there it’s totally not like that!! But idk wat it’s gonna be like this year bc if the other camp that closed and all of their campers are coming to Raninu..


    Which camp????? I dont get it, Mod-73 (I think) deleted 5 posts from above, but they originally came through, e/o was able to see them b4 now, why was there suddenly a problem?????

    The problem is, i think i know you….

    anyway, right the staff kids there r rlly big brats???? (Most, not all)



    chedva. u prob do know who I am, but idk how you would be able to tell that from anything ive posted here! and NO!!! well, maybe some of them but most of them are really cute and sweet and nice!!!


    Ooooooh, someone’s a staff kid!

    Lol, the ones in my age group were….they were like to me

    ” we dont like you, and we can do wtvr we want, and if you do something we dont like, we’ll grt you kicked out of camp….”

    Whatevs, i dunno, you just seem to click with me

    chalil 2011



    totally not!!!! ive just been friend with some!! but whoever said that sounds really nasty..not someone that I would be friends with. smooth getting that in;) ur not the person I was thinking of but ill keep trying to think!


    Thanks! Now you try to do it too! Anyway, whats the funniest story you remember from camp????



    don’t want to say how old I am here but I was there the same year as you and many more! ummm idk there are too many cant think right now..uve got any good funny stories from camp?


    The time i got locked in the bathroom from 1-3 am…..i almost died in there and the door handle fell out!!!!! So crazy!!!!! The handynman had to get me out!!!!



    Omg that’s nuts!!! lol that reminds me of the time that we stole our counselors phone and pretended that we flushed it down the toilet..didn’t give it back to her till many hrs later!! that was many yrs ago tho we were really immature!


    Myvcounsler duped us into thinking she got engaged on her day off, she even had a bracelet that looked real! And showed us a pic of the guy!



    I remember that!!! I don’t remember who it was though, just that the entire camp was saying that a counselor got engaged, and then other people were saying that it was a rumor!!

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