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    i want to become a counsellor in camp simcha special after seminary who camp hasc or something like that. i just thought of simcha coz my cousins went there. does anyone know anything about this?


    Camp Simcha special is awesome!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been there for a few years and its such an amazing place!!!!

    its very rewarding; most people end up saying that they got so much more than they gave from the experience.

    if you’re able to get in this late then go for it!!!!!

    the application deadline passed but if you know the right people….

    (P.S.- i have only been there for the boys sessions but I’m assuming the girls sessions are also pretty awesome)


    Before I went to Camp Simcha Special as a counselor, I took all the regular routes. I had completed the application and compliled letters of recommendation for the office. This was all done on time. I went to the interview and acted personable and confident. Although I was not of the “typical” demographic that gets a staff position there, I was given a counselor job. I like to think I made a difference.


    My son worked there, as well, and it was a most meaningful experience in every way.


    my brother worked their and he said it was spiritually amazing to see kids with sickness going to davaning and learning


    justbecause- i dont plan on going this year. i am only going to sem in SEP so this would be in a year and a half from now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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