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    I am sending my 10 year old daughter to Camp Sternberg for the first time. I got the clothing list from their website and it references a dress code which I cannot find. I have not heard back from the camp itself. Does anyone know what the Camp Sternberg dress code is? Is is different for pre/post bas mitzvah? The list says “polo shirts or blouses.” Does that mean no t-shirts? Does “crew/knee socks” mean no shorter sock that cover the ankles? I’m happy to comply, but not sure what’s required. Thanks!


    Wow, things have changed since I was there!


    I was on Sternberg’s grounds last summer; seemed like a very lax dress code, if there was one.


    I was never at Sternberg, so I cannot help re the dress code. But I was at Mogen AV / Heller, so will tell you that Sternberg is a great choice. She will meet kids that are real and down to earth.

    And, if you “only” send her with Gap / Old Navy (but no Burbury, Juicy), she’ll still make friends


    I picked Sternberg because I heard that it had a great mix of down to earth girls and was not jappy. I’m not worried about the brand names – I don’t buy them. I’m just trying to figure out what their tznuis guidelines are.


    Ok, how’s this: What ever worked in her school and in your neighborhood will work in camp.

    If you went 10 months without a call from the principle / the yenta next door, you should not have a worry


    when I was on site there I wore pants…


    and are you a male?


    wishywashy- sharp comment!




    As a Sternberg veteran, I’m happy to help. All shirts are okay, t-shirts included. Socks are a little more complicated, they prefer that you cover your ankles but it’s not strictly enforced for campus (the division of camp which your daughter will be in). It’s enforced more in the older divisions.

    Hope this clarifies your confusion!


    asyyeger: Contact the camp and tell them that if they don’t tell you what their dress code is, you want your deposit back.


    “All shirts are okay, t-shirts included.”

    Arent most tshirts short sleeve? How can they be okay in a frum camp?


    sternbergs dress code is that your elbows,collarbones,knees,and ankles should be covered at all times…!!! anything you wear that have those requirements is accepted…;) tightness, type of socks, and color of clothing is accepted in any form and nothing is looked down on…

    potpie-i wonder if i know you…when did u go to sternberg?!?!?!? i’ve been goin since i was born…(staff brat…;)


    “tightness, type of socks, and color of clothing is accepted in any form and nothing is looked down on…”

    not being tznius IS looked down on……what do you mean?


    stuffed cabbage-u sound like a brooklyner…do u by any chance live there???

    i’ll assume its a yes…

    well, outside of brooklyn theres a place called “out of town” and while “out of town” keeps ALL the HALACHOS of tznius, things like tightness, type of socks, and color are diff in every community…

    in brooklyn anklets arent so much accepted, neither is bright colors, and neither is tight clothing, but…

    in other communities it is accepted and thats the norm, thats the tznius of their community…

    ex: bright yellow shoes are not “tznius” in brooklyn, but if you would go to bais yaakov miami, plenty of girls are wearng them and its ok…

    since sternberg has majority of their campers from “out of town” everyone is asked to dress in a way that is appropriate for THEIR community…

    so to answer ur question they are being tznius after all…

    however if they would go against halacha, tht would be looked down on…


    sternberg changed ownership recently and is trying to attract a different crowd. i think the dress code of old might have become more right wing. (gap and old navy are fine in almost any non chassidish camp)


    idk…sternberg is always gonna be sternberg!!!

    if they decide to become more right winged than theyre ruining the camp…

    the out of towners wouldnt come any more and the in towners would just go to any other camp that has a bunch of new yorkers…

    if the crowd changes i dont think i would come back…i like all the out of towners…they’re really friendly!!!


    “so to answer ur question they are being tznius after all…”

    LSS – what exactly do you mean? Our Torah commands us to be tznua. Last time I checked, the OOTers (BTW, I am one too) recieved the same Torah as the “Brooklyners”. We have to do what’s RIGHT. If it’s ok to wear yellow shoes, then so be it. If it’s not ok, it’s not.

    Of course I’m Dan Lekaf Zechus, but you can’t say it’s “tznius after all”. Is it, or isn’t it?


    observant teen-“We have to do what’s RIGHT. If it’s ok to wear yellow shoes, then so be it. If it’s not ok, it’s not”-thats what i thought too…so i asked s.o how it could be that half the things that my school says is not tznius (brklyn school) my friends out of town are allowed to wear to school?!?!?!

    this is the answer i got…a big part of tznius is “not to stick out” so the only reason that yellow isnt tznius in brooklyn is cuz no one wears yellow so you would stick out. however if you would be in a community that a lot of people wear colors, than its fine cuz you wont stand out…do you get my train of thought???

    what i was saying by “it is tznius after all” is that since many people wear colors in sternberg, and many people wear interesting things-you don’t stand out at all, thereby not posing a problem for it to be worn i nthe camp setting. however if one were to go home to a place were they would stand out, then their clothing would have to wait till the next summer to be worn…

    is yellow shoes “tznius” in your community????


    It doesn’t say anywhere in the Torah that you’re not allowed to wear “yellow shoes”. Or EXACTLY how any top should fit. Tznius to me, is common sense. What is the purpose of tznius? Not to attract strange men. Before buying/wearing something, I ask myself, will this attract any man’s att. or not?

    BTW, are you in the eleventh grade? If you are, I respect you for your insight. I wasn’t too sensitive last year:(

    Oh, and no, I don’t think yellow shoes are very tznius in my community (although there’ll always be some who like funky stuff..).


    observantteen-no i’m not in eleventh…i’m in tenth 😉

    so i guess that means that u just gave me a compliment?!?!!?!?



    Um…Little Sally saucer…So am i the youngest here??


    gumball-probably…;) usually ppl don’t mess with the internet at ur age…!!! most 8 year olds don’t know how to use computers… lol


    Xcuse Me!! Ur calling Me an 8 yr old!!I wouldnt get tutored by u if i was an 8 yr old!! Take tht!!!LOL


    From a long time Sternberger- the dress code is as follows:

    Skirts must cover knees

    3rd and 4th graders (of 2010-2011 schoolyear) are allowed to wear short sleeves. All other campers and staff must cover elbows at all times. (they do allow layered shirts too)

    campers are required to wear socks that cover their ankles

    staff’s skirt and socks must meet.

    anything that is not on this list is basically acceptable.

    even wacky colors, for reasons that LSS already answered- you really do not stick out for wearing wacky clothes, cuz everyone does. Take my word for it.

    jewish unity

    observant teen-you said the point of tznius is to not attract the att. of strange men….i disagree. At its best, the point of tznius is to attract the att. of normal men also:)


    Thanks to everyone who responded. Someone from the camp got back to me yesterday and told me the following: elbows and knees covered, t-shirts are fine (presumably that means layering if the sleeves are too short), socks covering ankles (hidden socks, or secret socks as my daughter calls them, are a no-no). She did not tell me that 10 year old are allowed to wear shorter sleeves, but I did not actually ask; she has the same dress code at school. So, we are looking forward to a wonderful summer at what sounds like a very warm, relaxed, accepting and ruach filled camp!

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