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    I live near Boro park and am thinking of going to a Satmar or some other Tish just for the experience, would this be acceptable?


    Anyone can indeed attend a tisch. I have done so myself numerous times, and I am not at all Chasidish. However, make sure to follow protocol (which is mostly just common sense) so as not to annoy or offend the participants.

    It should be noted that Satmar is a particularly insular sect of Chasidus, and while I’m sure they will in no way object to you attending their events, it may pay to start by a more tourist-friendly group. However, as I have had very little exposure to the gongs-on in BP, I cannot suggest any group in particular myself. Maybe somebody else here can…


    If you just look regular and don’t stick out with colorful clothing then you should be fine


    Satmar is very tourist friendly to Jews of all stripes.

    Oftentimes, you might even end up with an invitation for a Shabbos meal. Even if you’re hatless.


    Also, since I can’t make it for a shabbos or yom tov since I have no one to stay with (at the moment), what are some other times tishen are held?


    Definitely. They are beautiful, and most people won’t even give a second glance. It is a very uplifting experience.


    I dont know if you speak yiddish or not, but if you dont Id recommend going to a group that speaks in english like Chabad


    Chabad doesn’t have tishen.


    Lubavitch has farbrengen.


    A farbrengen is not a tish.


    The very first Shabbat I spent in Israel, back in 1986 or so, I went to daven on Friday night at Karlin-Stolen in Meah Shearim. I obviously didn’t look Chassidish (I wore black pants and a white shirt), but five or six men came over and asked me if I’d like to come for a meal. I was touched and somewhat amazed.

    Later that night we went to a few tishen, and I was not made to feel like an outsider in any way. As a matter of fact, at two of the tishen I was pushed forward so I could get closer to the action.


    Unless you are a woman, you probably would be welcome around the table

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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