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    Why is it that everyone is busy doing things Liluy Nishmas Leiby A”h or other niftarim, yet they wouldn’t be bothered to do things Liluy their own Neshama.

    What if Leiby wasn’t Niftar? Don’t you have your own Neshama that needs an Aliyah? Why do we wait for someone to die to do something for their Neshama, what about our own Neshama?

    Don’t wait to brae niftar so someone can do something for your Neshama, use your life to be Maaleh your Neshama as much as possible. Let’s use our brains and GET the point. When we learn or do mitzvos for a Niftar it is because they can no longer do mitzvos. We are ALIVE. Let’s use that opportunity as much as possible and care about our Neshamahs!


    well said WIY, not a stupid question at all.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I think the reason is because as shlomo hamelech said,

    it’s better to be alive than dead b/c those alive can still do mitzvos, so the person thinks he’s not going to die any time soon so i can always do it later (It’s sort of like the paper that’s due on a certain date and you don’t start it until the night before) but regarding a niftar l’iluy nishmas there is a time frame so that gives him an extra motivation

    I hope this helps


    wow what a power statement. thank you for posting this.


    I just chouped major chizuk from this. Thank you!


    I think when we do something Liluy Nishmas, we are in fact also working to improve our Neshamas…

    If you only wait for terrible things to happen to work on yourselves…then that is the issue..


    coffee addict has it right. And while we often don’t truly think about our own neshamas, when we think of someone we love who has died, or chalilah v’chas a child who has died horrifically, it spurs us on to become more self-reflective to improve ourselves in their zechus.


    It’s not a stupid question. Sometimes people need an external motivation to do something. Someone’s passing provides them with that motivation.

    The Wolf


    Sometimes we need a kick in the pants, its unfortunate but we don’t realize until something terrible happens.

    Shticky Guy

    Well Informed what an amazing chizuk! There’s nothing in the OP that is not absolutely obvious but how I needed that slap in the face to sit up and think! Thank you.

    I think I should start a new website for myself eg where I should choose many things to learn for my own neshama. I hope to finish them by ?? ??? ??? ???? ????? as the mishna says in ???? ????.


    (thanx 95)

    on the ball

    Yes people should be fighting to daven at the Amud even when they are not aveilim.


    On the ball

    If you are on the ball how did you manage to miss the point?


    That is not a stupid question at all, it is a very smart question. People need a wake up call and inevitably feel better doing things for others than just doing things or doing things for themselves.



    Or maybe we forget that we have the power to help ourselves! If we can save a Neshama that is no longer here we certainly can save our own Neshama and the Neshamos of others who are alive!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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