Can I buy an unlocked phone in the US and use it in Israel?

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    Does anyone know if I can use an unlocked Samsung S7 from the US with an Israeli SIM and Israeli service plan?

    Helping a relative buy a new phone here, and while supposedly in theory the phone just needs to be unlocked, wondering if any of you have experience with using Samsung Galaxy phones in Israel.

    Also, according to the Samsung support blog, Samsung no longer provides updates to the S7? Will that be an issue overseas?

    Thank you, in advance 🙂


    I’m pretty sure that, halachically, its OK.


    Yes as long as its an AT&T or T-mobile phone

    jew boy2

    Are you going to a Yeshiva or for other reasons….besides, we decided unanimously that ”smart” phones are assur……


    It’s for my mom, and she needs a smartphone to call me and family via Whatsapp. Her other smartphone past-time is playing a word game, which keeps her mind active B”H.

    Your judgment, while important in its own right, is not the utmost authority. Granted, I think that you were probably more like having fun in your post.

    Thank you Zahavasdad!

    lebidik yankel

    Yes, you can. However it will not work with a kosher number, and with some models you need to look carefully at the exact frequencies that the device supports vis a vis the carrier (pelephone, cellcom orange etc.) If its 3G and over, its probably OK.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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