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    So recently i made a large order of office supplies for the office i work in and i had a coupon that they sent me there for a free gift if you order more than $150 i submitted the coupon can i now keep this gift or does it belong to the office? they would not have it if i had not submitted the coupon so why cant i keep it?


    There was a case where Goldman Sachs gave some Ebay executives a chance to buy some stock for a good price, to thank them for bringing them business.

    The court said the money they made belonged to Ebay, since Ebay was the one who gave Goldman Sachs business, not the executives of Ebay.

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    i can’t answer this question as i’m not a posek but your aguement that you gave in the coupon then its yours…. but if they wouldn’t have needed the supplies then the coupon remains invalid…. so your both equall partners in this


    Im not clear on your question. The office supplies company sent you the coupon because you placed a large order for your office? If so the coupon belongs to the office.


    I had the same question. The coupon came to my home address, but I never ordered $150 worth of stuff. I asked my office manager what to do and he said to keep the free gift.. Sometimes I got offers for $30 off $150 or a free item. In those cases I always took the dollars off. I never took a free thing for myself if I could have used and offer to benefit my boss. These offers never came to the business, only my home address.

    I once ordered something for the office and we couldn’t use the item . I called up to return it, and was told that they will credit us and no need to return the item. It was totally useless for the office, so I called my Rav to ask if I could keep it and he said no. It belongs to the office. I asked my boss if I could take some of it home and she said that I could take the whole thing. I only took some.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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