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    I read in Rabbi Blumenkranz’s sefer that one should not use them on pesach or the whole year because it has corn starch and oil that is made from animals.


    Why don’t you call or email the OU and get an informed answer, rather than relying on halachic guidance from people you don’t know?

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    Many poskim disagree. See, for example, the OU’s guide which allows all paper towels even for Pesach. (#33)

    Follow your posek for halachah l’maisah.

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    Why don’t you call or email the OU and get an informed answer, rather than relying on halachic guidance from people you don’t know?

    Why is the OU considered someone Imaofthree knows more than R’ Blumenkrantz?

    If what you meant is not to rely on CR people, I agree; anything offered here should be independently verified. There’s nothing wrong, though, with asking the question as a way of hearing ideas.

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    I checked the cRc’s site. Their Passover guide is downloadable.

    Interestingly, no specific mention is made of paper towels; their chart for paper products says that paper products are acceptable, and then specifies:

    Including bags, napkins, plates,

    wax paper

    with hot foods unless specially

    certified for Pesach

    (The OU’s chart makes no such condition on paper plates.)


    I believe Rav Belsky has said there is no problem with any paper towels, even ON Pesach.

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    I’ve never heard that before

    why don’t you speak to bounty themselves (and if it’s true maybe we should all speak to bounty and have them realize they could potentially lose a lot of customers)


    The general rule of thumb is don’t use the first 3 or last 3 sheets of paper towels for Pesach because they contain glue. Many Posekim recommend to their kehillas that they don’t use R’Blumencrantz’s Pesach guide because of chumrahs such as the one you refer to.

    But don’t worry about it, it’s almost a year till next Pesach, by which time there’s sure to be new and exciting chumrahs to deal with.


    R’ Blumenkrantz is very strict as his book. I used his book but with certain products such as shampoo, conditioner, soaps etc, i asked the Rav in my shul who many times has told me it can be used since its not consumed by dogs and humans alike. Anyways, ask your own Rav and also why use bounty anyways? They are so expensive and are nto the same quality like they used to be. CVS has their own brand thats just like bounty and I found it to be better. CVS has two kinds,just dont get the bad one!


    Bounty markets extensively to BJ’s and Costco, so for those of us who like to buy in bulk, it’s often the most likely choice – especially since both warehouse stores almost always have a markdown in their monthly coupon books for Bounty.

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    In order to test papergoods (napkins,papertowels,tissues etc) for starch do the following test: Take a few drops of iodine (bought in any pharmacy) and mix it with a tablespoon of water. Put a few drops of diluted iodine on the paper you want to test. If it has starch paper will turn black,




    I believe bounty paper towels are okay now (vegetable based). No point bringing up an old thread that is no longer relevant

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    It’s good to know about these things, because some of them may still be relevant. I think I remember seeing something about plates or cups last year.

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