Can I wash Curtain Sheers in the washer?

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    Remember those real old fashinoned things you’d see hanging in your bubbe’s living room window? Well I have nice expenisve ones like that (probablly old enough to be an antique too) and I see they need cleaning. Can I simply drop them in a cold wash with a drop of liquid tide? And hang to dry? Or do they need dry cleaning?


    I washed mine in the washer on a gentle cycle and dried on a low heat, taking them out before they were totally dry, and hanging immediately. If you have the slightest concern about it take it to the cleaners.


    I do as oomis1105 but put them in the dryer on delicate/low heat only for a few minutes to get out the washer wrinkles rehang while still abit damp.

    minyan gal

    When I had sheer drapes, I waited for a nice windy day to wash them and had somebody to help me. I put them in bathtub with tepid water and mild soap and swished them around. Then I rinsed them very well. I put them in plastic bag and carried them outside. Each person took two corners of the drape and we kind of shook them and let the wind billow through them. When they stopped dripping and were just damp – back inside and rehung. I used to do one curtain at a time. I also didn’t have a gentle/lingerie setting on my washer at the time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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