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    Maybe it’s just me. I notice quite a number of men over 30 and 40 wearing tiny brim Borsalino hats. To me, it looks like a sign of immaturity; perhaps trying to live a life through their kids that they weren’t allowed to. It’s cute for a 13/14 year old, though.


    Style is style. short brims are in. I personally don’t like them but my sons (between ages 20 and 29) like them.


    They think they’re stylish. More like girlish.


    Can someone explain this to me

    “To me, it looks like a sign of immaturity; perhaps trying to live a life through their kids that they weren’t allowed to.”

    I dont understand that thought process, is there one there?


    I dont know what you are talking about, but there certainly is something to allow a little “freedom” once in a while. I am not saying anything against the torah (Like driving to McDonalds on Shabbos) . I mean things like playing ball, wearing different clothes. Its healthy and normal and will charge up your batteries for stronger learning


    It has nothing to do with midlife crisis or girlish, its what they sell in the stores these days, unless you davka request full size brim!

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    It’s true. Stores do not stock healthy brim size hats anymore. If you find yourself needing a new hat, you find yourself looking like an 18 year-old hipster.

    I don’t get hava amina about living vicariously through their kids. Aren’t they the ones wearing the hats themselves?


    Because a lot of people are immature


    You just noticed this?
    Short brims have been trending for about 5 years now.
    And since i know someones gonna say this it may as well be me, look at the pics of yeshiva bochurim after the war=short brims.
    New looks take a while to get used to


    Not a hava amina. Just throwing out an idea


    Which idiot invented the wide bring hat?
    Its a true aerodynamic nightmare,
    Uneconomical when windy .

    Ps this has to be the most pathetic post in a long time.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    There’s a halachic argument to be made for short-brimmed based on a Rashi in Shabbos. No matter, stylistically I still prefer wide/medium brimmed.


    Fedoras are coming back in style for goyim, and the current “in style” is the small brim.

    How goyim wearing hats will impact on the frum community is an interesting question. Hats has been out of style among goyim (at least among white goyim) since th early 1960.

    I am old enough to remember back when fedoras were “in” among the goyim (in the 1950’s) and they always struck me as an un-dress hat, which is why I prefer a homburg (stiffer, small to moderate brim, brim is fixed and does not get squeezed down, no pinch in the crown)


    Dear 1,
    The cowboys and the mexicans have been wearing wide brims for 2 centuries. The yeshivishe velt wore them for a 1/4 of a century. My grandfathers never had a wide brim hat.

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