can someone explain to me the criminal justice proposal?

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    Lower sentences for non-violent crimes, such as illegal drug use.


    There’s a lot more to it, including rehabilitating offenders while they’re in prison, and educate them so they can have productive jobs when they get out and not reoffend.

    Try to find an article on the topic.

    America has one of the highest percentages of its citizens incarcerated. Part of the problem is that the prison industry is huge and it’s not simple to go against it.


    so tough Trump basically is going deblasio style?!?!


    Problem with Most Laws is that Judges TWIST them into something else! My fear is that Leftist Judges are
    going to use Law to release VIOLENT criminals onto our streets to Win Black/Hispanic/Muslim Votes.
    About 80% of prosecuted take a PLEA Deal so the worst charges (Violence) gets dropped and the
    VIOLENT Criminal is allowed to plead guilty to a “non-violent” crime – and be released to continue
    to Murder, Rape, Rob, etc.


    For Profit Private Jails are the reason so many non-violent Yidden are getting Long Jail
    Sentences for “crimes” that should only get a fine.
    The Private For Profit Jail Lobby gives money to Politicians to mandate Long Sentences for Minor
    white collar crimes (While Bankers and Wall Street are NEVER indicted for their Heinous Crimes)!

    Amil Zola

    This will limit sentences for nonviolent crimes such as drug possession (not manufacturing or sales of larger quantities). It is also directed at white collar financial crimes, sentences will be shortened or eliminated. It will also eliminate 10 year mandatory minimum sentences for some crimes, domestic violence, possession and transport of weapons of mass destruction, Sections 202 thru 212 are already addressed in prior legislation, rules, policies and procedures. Some argue it may impact sentencing under RICO. Congress dot gov has the full text of S.1917 for those that would prefer to read the actual bill rather than rely on the interpretation of others.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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