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    I wrote a sefer comprised of ‘lomdishe’ essays. I originally planned to release it as ‘Lomdus on the Parshah’ on sefer Bamidbar, with a piece on each parshah. Now I am considering calling it ‘Lomdus on Sugyos’ instead, and not marketing it as a sefer on the Parshah. The advantage of this is that it is not limited to people who are interested in buying a sefer written on the Parshah, but would appeal to anyone who might be interested in learning some short, lomdushe essays, written in English in a clear, easy to read format.


    Please only serious replies.


    Lomdus cant be written in lomdus.
    Call it Baala Batisha Lomdos al Hatorah

    Reb Eliezer

    Lomdus for Baal Batim

    eishis chayil

    a name? oh, name it after your great grand father, thats a nice name. LOL


    “Sefer Bamidbar: Studies in Lomdus”


    What about calling it “Lilmod Bamidbar”


    Ani gar be-midibar.

    First it rhymes, second it refers to the explanation that Hazon Ish gave to Satmar Rebbe about the yeshiva system he was establishing in Israel, following Rambam that if one lives in a bad place, he needs to move, and if there is no other place, then go live in the midbar. The original SD.

    This was 70+ years ago, so you are on the way to double over Moshe Rabbeinu’s record in the midbar.

    Reb Eliezer

    Maybe just Gar Bamidbar in English, Live in Makom Torah in English

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