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    Syag, NYC public schools have very close to the same arrangement for Spanish speaking students.


    Ubiq, i should have been clearer. I was referring to what happens lemaysoh – public elementary schools teach grammar,and the vast majority don’t absorb it. Those who are bookish will have good grammar regardless. I’ve always said that if you teach grammar methodically, it never sticks; when i was a kid, i had perfect grammar because of “what sounds right,” since i grew up in a literary house with a father who was a professional writer.

    Im yeshivos they teach dikduk, and who remembers it? The handful of grammar people.

    Public schools might teach it, but it’s entirely ineffective. Those who speak and write well just do; these are things that are more environment/genes based.


    I very much hope that Jewish schools produce better education than the most failing inner city ones. We just need to turn these anecdotes into numbers that can be published in the press. Do Yiddish school in IL teach maths? Can we translate a standardized test into Yiddish, administer to a school and show those results?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Who said anything about inner city failing schools? This is a very white successful district. You are just so biased you can barely have a conversation


    Syag > your comments are stated so subtly yet are so distructive

    I see. I understand that you disagree with some of my conclusions. Be assured that my comments are “subtle” not because I am trying to trick you, but because I am genuinely concerned for the community and appreciate at least some of the arguments against my stated positions. Whenever someone brings another argument, I am trying to process it.


    Sorry, so hispanic is not inner. I am not a boke. Anyway, I am more concerned about Jewish school, how do we show their quality. Your kids are there.

    Do you know of any fairly administered standardized exams in any of your schools? I know you can send a kid to a public school to do evaluation, but that is mostly psychology and abilities rather than knowledge. Maybe anyone here wants to do some online tests for their kids if the school did not test them?

Viewing 6 posts - 151 through 156 (of 156 total)
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