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    One think I can’t stand about the coffee room here is the ugliness, unreadability, and dysfunctionality.
    (Sorry, Im not one of those guys who makes an account just to complain, and be annoying, but sometimes it comes out that way).

    I think it would be really nice if YWN can use a forum software. There are some high quality free ones (Flarum is great, SMF is decent, discourse, Codoforum, and more- do a google search). I would even be part of some discussions here, but I can’t handle this.

    If anyone agrees, please say so to draw more attention (and if anyone disagrees, I’d love to hear your feedback also).


    Mod 29 would never allow it. He needs to be in control.

    Little Froggie

    What an ugly, unreadable and dysfunctionable post. If fact I can’t even read it.


    Go away you arent welcomed

    ☕️coffee addict


    Who is your comment directed at?

    Little froggie is for sure welcome any time any day

    Jews4Biden is also welcome, we’re not in communist Russia, Cuba or North Korea


    We can’t change the tradition unless current IT support is larger in numbers and more knowledgeable than the original ones.


    If it ain’t broken, than of course we need some social media talmedei chachamim to suggest how to fix it. Aside from a recent proliferation of really poor quality posters and trolls, the CR is working just fine.

    Little Froggie

    CA – Thank you SO MUCH for that very warm re-welcome. Unfortunately (!) I don’t lurk (live) here the way I used to, from time to time something in the masthead piques my curiosity. This was one I couldn’t pass.

    There’s one thing of a newbie coming on inappropriately, not knowing the ins and out of this place, and has to initially be shown the conduct expected (yes, me included… oy, such memories)

    Then there’s another, one who comes on swinging with the bat… at the site itself!!! Couldn’t hold myself back.

    Sorry, OP, I’m going to defend the hallowed grounds I lived in (ate, slept…) 24/6

    And while we’re at it pray tell which Jew is 4 Biden. Which human is?


    @gadolhadorah @Always_Ask_Questions @rightwriter @Little Froggie @Pekak I guess that’s my answer.
    I have not made many posts in this community and haven’t been involved much, and have no right to be demanding, this was more of a suggestion. However, my top post wasn’t very nicely written, and I apologize for that.

    Froggie That was an intelligent response!

    I guess the design isn’t something that bothers the people here. No problem


    But seeing the responses to my post, I sort of like this kind of community. I may try to stick around a bit (I know, sorry).


    Past “upgrades” of the Coffee Room (bbPress) have gone very badly and ruined/mangled/destroyed many (perhaps most) old threads.


    @little froggie second comment: I wrote that merely as a suggestion, not an attack. However, I understand that my choice of words in the first sentence was a bad one.


    And while I don’t know which Jew is 4 Biden, I know many yidden who like shticky usernames.

    Little Froggie

    Maybe the design bothers the people here. You forgot I identify with and as Froggie…

    Reb Eliezer

    mods, sometimes we notice that we made grammatical or spelling mistakes and would want to edit it but edit is not available.

    Agreed. We were having problems with severely inappropriate screen names being visible while waiting for approval on posts and had to deny visibility. This unfortunately prevents edits. The only two options is to catch the edit button on your post for the first 10 or so minutes after it is approved, or to do as you have been doing, to post your corrections and when possible we fix it for you.


    Let’s fix the coffee room by


    Jews4biden correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like you are comparing Biden supporters to yidden for yoshko lehavdil. No offence intended just clarification necessary


    On a list of the 10 most dysfunctional websites I frequently encounter, the CR is probably one of the least annoying. Indeed, some of its quirks are a bit endearing in a world where we worry about c’v the role of social media postings to trigger hate crimes and violence. Little things like a search functionality for archived threads and posts might be helpful in the next upgrade but overall, it seems to work well for what it is designed to do.


    When I was in yeshiva, I wanted to fix the whole world.
    then, I became a blogger, and I wanted to fix CR
    then, I became a Rav and I wanted to fix the city
    then, I wanted to fix my family
    then, I decided to focus on myself first – and I failed at that. (R Salanter)


    to search in google:
    bar mitzva site:


    AAQ: So if the greatest “baal musar” of the past 200 years was unsuccessful in his own “self-help” musar than what hope is their for all the slightly lesser baalei musar here in the CR??
    P.S. Tks for the google search tip…..

    Reb Eliezer

    The Hungarian saying is, sweep before your house first.


    What should be fixed is the input box on mobile. It doesn’t fit in the container and you can’t see your whole message when you type.


    Mods, you can easily change the time limit for the editing from 10 minutes to a higher number, say 90 minutes or 120.

    please do

    Amil Zola

    Please fix it so that only one thread per year about ankle sox is permitted. TYVM

    ☕️coffee addict

    “What should be fixed is the input box on mobile. It doesn’t fit in the container and you can’t see your whole message when you type.“


    Totally agree


    gadol > what hope is their for all the slightly lesser

    your humility demonstrates that progress is possible, even for a gadol. This is encouraging for all of us.


    Rebyid613 – Not sure what that says, but you certainly brought this topic back to life

    tunaisafish – Not at all. I didn’t even think of the connection until you mentioned it. But that is a fair point, it is very similar.

    GadolHadorah – So it’s on the top 10 dysfuntional, just it’s on the bottom of that list? If I had a website (I do) I would strive for it to not be on a person’s top 10 dysfunctional sites list. Maybe you have different standards.
    That’s a good point you bring, social media can be very dangerous, and the more “ugly” and “boring” you make something, it can help take away those issues. (That answer is actually very good – It makes me feel a lot better about the design here).

    AAQ – Interesting. I am curious about what the meaning of that is. Should we not suggest solutions to problems because we will always have our own problems? I never imagined that, but I guess I can’t argue with R’ Yisrael Salanter.

    GadolHadorah – Great question! I am not sure what the answer is, but R’ Yisrael Salanter probably was successful, and there is another way to understand it. Don’t ask me what it means though, because I have no clue. But I feel like R’Y”S was not a failure in his mussar.

    R’ Eliezer – What if your house always needs more work? You can’t help out a neighbor? (Maybe I should speak for myself, but I feel like none of us will ever be perfect. So does that mean don’t solve other’s problems?)

    Haleivi – Yes, that’s one thing!

    AAQ response to gadol – While his humility does show (big) progress, I think you didn’t answer the question. He doesn’t think he will ever be greater than R’ Yisrael Salanter, so is there ever hope for him? If R’ Yisrael failed, can he pass? Yes, progress is great, and I am sure R’Y”S also made plenty of progress, yet he said he failed (at least acc. to your post – I would love to know the source/context – Not that I don’t believe you, just that I want to see for myself).

    Mod – Thanks for taking your time to read this looooong post. I know it’s not easy.


    J4B, Taking gadol’s question (more) seriously – if I personally fail the way R’YS did, I’ll be fine with that.

    Even more seriously: why would one disclose his failure? It got to be l’maase. That is, it should make us feel better when we fail – even he R’YS did – and continue further. Without that, we could simply turn to warmer religious activities than mussar.


    J4B > Should we not suggest solutions to problems because we will always have our own problems?

    a great question. I recall halochos of tochacha say something similar – one should not reproach others when they have problems in the same area. That is, OK to do that in areas you are a tzaddik. R Salanter, seems to be taking a more “holistic” approach. Besht uses a similar approach saying that one can not use permissible ways to “change his words” if he really lied at least once in his life (this is quoted on the last page of the thin book “Lying for truth” after listing all permissible ways – quoting it on the first page would have made it even thinner).

    Reb Eliezer

    There are different fixes needed for houses. You can tell others to fix what is not broken by you.


    It is obvious that Rav Yisroel’s quote can’t be taken literally. If he really thought that one should fix himself first, and he hadn’t (by his estimation) done so himself, why did he keep on trying to fix others? Until his petira, Rav Yisroel continued to spread the message of his mussar philosophy and was involved in kiruv rechokim. He didn’t hide in a corner, working on his own middos.

    Sam Klein

    Cause Rav Yisroel Salanter ZT”L the founder and starter of the Mussar movement. Loved and cared about every yid in klal yisroel and couldn’t just sit there thinking about himself while his loving brothers in klal yisroel we’re suffering and needed to change their ways towards improvement thus starting the worldwide Mussar movement still going on today.

    May we all think like such a tzaddik and not only live in Sedom thinking about ourselves but care about everyone else in klal yisroel


    Yitz, Sam,
    good points. Maybe he means that the person needs at least appreciate the magnitude of the task – and consider how hard it is for yourself – before taking upon the task of helping others?



    obviously we know that a person never takes on any additional tasks in life until first making sure to take care of themselves and their family completely and then they can offer to do all the amazing chessed for others and bring zechusim for klal yisroel.


    It’s an important point, and I think we all know how to apply it.


    it is ok to teach alef beis after you learned alef beis (heard from R Shapiro Z’L). A corollary – do not teach alef beis before you learned it!

    Similarly, here the point is that only after a person realizes his own deficiencies, tries to fix them, and realizes how hard it is, he is ready to thoughtfully approach other people. Otherwise, you’ll have a silly person who did not examine his own middos pompously telling others how to live their lives.


    Can anyone explain the point of these coffee room conversations ?

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