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    One think I can’t stand about the coffee room here is the ugliness, unreadability, and dysfunctionality.
    (Sorry, Im not one of those guys who makes an account just to complain, and be annoying, but sometimes it comes out that way).

    I think it would be really nice if YWN can use a forum software. There are some high quality free ones (Flarum is great, SMF is decent, discourse, Codoforum, and more- do a google search). I would even be part of some discussions here, but I can’t handle this.

    If anyone agrees, please say so to draw more attention (and if anyone disagrees, I’d love to hear your feedback also).


    Mod 29 would never allow it. He needs to be in control.

    Little Froggie

    What an ugly, unreadable and dysfunctionable post. If fact I can’t even read it.


    Go away you arent welcomed

    ☕️coffee addict


    Who is your comment directed at?

    Little froggie is for sure welcome any time any day

    Jews4Biden is also welcome, we’re not in communist Russia, Cuba or North Korea


    We can’t change the tradition unless current IT support is larger in numbers and more knowledgeable than the original ones.


    If it ain’t broken, than of course we need some social media talmedei chachamim to suggest how to fix it. Aside from a recent proliferation of really poor quality posters and trolls, the CR is working just fine.

    Little Froggie

    CA – Thank you SO MUCH for that very warm re-welcome. Unfortunately (!) I don’t lurk (live) here the way I used to, from time to time something in the masthead piques my curiosity. This was one I couldn’t pass.

    There’s one thing of a newbie coming on inappropriately, not knowing the ins and out of this place, and has to initially be shown the conduct expected (yes, me included… oy, such memories)

    Then there’s another, one who comes on swinging with the bat… at the site itself!!! Couldn’t hold myself back.

    Sorry, OP, I’m going to defend the hallowed grounds I lived in (ate, slept…) 24/6

    And while we’re at it pray tell which Jew is 4 Biden. Which human is?


    @gadolhadorah @Always_Ask_Questions @rightwriter @Little Froggie @Pekak I guess that’s my answer.
    I have not made many posts in this community and haven’t been involved much, and have no right to be demanding, this was more of a suggestion. However, my top post wasn’t very nicely written, and I apologize for that.

    Froggie That was an intelligent response!

    I guess the design isn’t something that bothers the people here. No problem


    But seeing the responses to my post, I sort of like this kind of community. I may try to stick around a bit (I know, sorry).


    Past “upgrades” of the Coffee Room (bbPress) have gone very badly and ruined/mangled/destroyed many (perhaps most) old threads.


    @little froggie second comment: I wrote that merely as a suggestion, not an attack. However, I understand that my choice of words in the first sentence was a bad one.


    And while I don’t know which Jew is 4 Biden, I know many yidden who like shticky usernames.

    Little Froggie

    Maybe the design bothers the people here. You forgot I identify with and as Froggie…

    Reb Eliezer

    mods, sometimes we notice that we made grammatical or spelling mistakes and would want to edit it but edit is not available.

    Agreed. We were having problems with severely inappropriate screen names being visible while waiting for approval on posts and had to deny visibility. This unfortunately prevents edits. The only two options is to catch the edit button on your post for the first 10 or so minutes after it is approved, or to do as you have been doing, to post your corrections and when possible we fix it for you.

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