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    Anyone watching the 90 minute circus (aka “debate”) tonight should realize that there is zero value in putting America through another embarrassing shouting match with childish name calling and virtually no intelligent exchange of ideas. Trump had no intention of abiding by the rules he had agreed to, allowing each candidate two minutes of uninterrupted response time to each question before the “open” debate back and forth. Biden quickly joined the interruptions, although as Wallace observed, Trump was likely the much more frequent offender. BOTH were pathetic in terms of clearly and coherently responding to questions or providing a reason for any undecided voter to make a decision. Nothing to be gained by repeating this bushah again. Cancel the remaining debates. When Brit Hume on Fox News concludes that “the President didn’t really help himself tonight” with his attempted bullying and bluster, perhaps the Trump campaign itself will realize nothing more to be gained. Likewise, Dems should be happy that the interruptions often came at an opportune time when Biden was struggling with his answers and served as a distraction to what might have been a serious gaffe. The real losers are the American electorate who again have such terrible choices.


    You like everyone else in America has the choice not to tune in. Debates should go on for those who are interested. I watched the debate and I am not sure what you were watching, but Trump made strong points, and while Trump interrupted, Biden telling the president to shut up or calling him a clown and saying he is a liar when almost everything Biden said was a lie does tell Americans the choices they have. For those of us who have worked in the corporate world, the best boss in terms of accomplishing what he or she has been hired for does not always correlate with being a nice person. You really cannot deny what Trump has accomplished unless you are so full of hate for him that are you blind to what he has done for this country.


    britt hume said! whoopee doo. who gives a creedmoor what britt hume says!! you have an insane hatred for our spectacular president and wallace who’s deeply imbedded in the filthy swamp wouldn’t let trump get any point out without interrupting him!!


    In my opinion, the debates aren’t going to accomplish anything, because the only people watching have already decided who they’re voting for.

    Debates are useful when the candidates have only minor differences on issues, and use the debate to clarify their stances. That’s not the case in this election.

    I think that President Trump should have spent his time listing what’s he accomplished, instead of arguing with Biden. But he knows a lot more about how to get elected and how to do his job than I do, so I’m not really qualified to criticize him.


    How anyone can vote for Trump, and then claim that good middos are important is beyond me.

    Resident Mortal


    What stupidity! When I’m looking for a shidduch I care about middos, when I’m looking for a president I’m looking for “tachles” not middos!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh excuse me. Was i supposed to decline all elections until a ben torah runs?

    Here’s my take away from the debate that i am sorry i watched and probably won’t watch again.

    Biden was wired. Check 8:35 and watch his left cuff over and over. Liars, dishonesty, can’t do anything straight up. Prefer to steal an election than win one, not a bee strategy. I found that to be sicker than the preschool behavior both so called delegates displayed.
    I am sure any decent human being voting for biden would agree but will make a point not to, and will point to something trump lied about as if they cancel each other out.

    Earplugs in. Don’t have time for these stupidities erev yuntiff.


    “How anyone can vote for Trump, and then claim that good middos are important is beyond me.”
    is 1+1=2 also beyond you? maybe try preschool?


    @ResidentMortal which part of Trump’s “tachles” do you like?
    His telling white supremiscits to standby and refusing to denounce their horrible ideology?
    His lying, cheating, and stealing (all of which were on full display last night)
    – lying: obvious.
    – cheating: not abiding by the debate format rules that they agreed on.
    – stealing: he kept interupting Biden during Biden’s speaking time and thus Trump was stealing.
    Or perhaps you like Trump’s frequent lashon hara against those he disagrees with.

    @🍫SyagLchochma No one said anything about the next president being a ben torah, but at least the next president should be a righteous bnei noach.


    MoishefromNMidwood: If any CEO in the so called “corporate world” you claim to have worked in acted like the vulgar buffoon you seem to have admired last night, a special committee of the board would likely have him escorted out the door with forfeiture of any unvested options and discretionary compensation. We have a board meeting scheduled for November 3rd so it will be interesting to see the outcome.


    “lying: obvious” not really maybe give an example

    “cheating: not abiding by the debate format rules that they agreed on.
    – stealing: he kept interupting Biden during Biden’s speaking time and thus”

    tell me one “interuption” that was not a fact check and One fact check/”interuption” that was false

    biden said so many outright lies like hunter didn’t get any money from moscow’s mayors wife(it a proven fact) and that he had jobs after he was kicked out of the military and before biden was elected and then got paid millions to do something he had absolutely no experience in


    but like i said maybe try preschool


    tachles: i very much liked president obama but he completely undermined the arab spring which was a real opportunity for change in the middle east. instead, he empowered the muslim brotherhood and iran for no noticeable reason. while obama was a huge supporter of israel and i am grateful for it, trump goes far and above. in other words, trump can tell the difference between good and evil while president obama could not. and biden is to left of obama on foreign policy and israel (shamelessly condemning israel for building apartments in ramot and gilo, for example).

    jerusalem and the golan is tachles. UAE and Bahrain is tachles. reducing the tax burden on large families is tachles. rubashkin is tachles. justice reform is tachles. creating the best economy of my working life is tachles.

    as for the proud boys, i do not view them as a white supremist organization.

    i am, like most decent people, disturbed by trump’s strongman, bullying tactics but i will hold my nose and vote for tachles.

    The little I know

    While I can say I benefitted much from watching the debate, it was something that continued to make the issues in the election clear. Those who comment about the rudeness of Trump are correct. I wish he was more refined, spoke nicer, and directed himself away from the open battles with the Dems. But it was also quite clear that Trump has a track record that is superb, and that all of his “poor middos” are not relevant to his effectiveness at accomplishing amazing things for this country. Biden’s lame attacks on what “would have been” were flat and nothing more than static noise.

    Meanwhile, Biden gets kudos for not saying “C’mon man” a single time. However, his disrespect for the president was extreme, and this was only exceeded by his ridiculous lies. You don’t call the President a clown in public, though you may disagree with him.

    I was impressed with the partisan position of the moderator. It was shameful. With that in mind, I give Trump a pass on his rudeness toward the moderator.

    I do want the debates to continue.


    Trump was unable to condemn white supremacists. The choice is crystal clear, he is a danger to our democracy and our country. The Proud Boys/Neo Nazis are celebrating this morning that’s all one needs to know. How can anyone who believes in democracy support this!!!!

    Amil Zola

    I think these debates came too late in the campaign. For goodness sake people are already voting.

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