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    Sadly, the Yeshivos have been closed for several weeks now & will possibly be closed for a total of 6-8 weeks. The hour of learning on the phone only mitigates minutely the full day of learning our children are missing now. Many parents have seen drastic reductions in their income & cannot afford paying for summer camp this year. I feel that summer vacation should be canceled this year & continue, with maybe a week off from school. Yeshiva day camp is a very nice experience & should be continued straight through the summer with longer hours for learning. I understand that there will be some expenses associated with this but considering that the Mosdos had no building maintenance during this time, The Rebbeim & Mehahalim worked minimal hours & It’s easier to fundraise for a Yeshiva than for daycamp, this is the right thing to happen.
    Why bring this up now?
    This needs to be planned now before the summer camps finalize their hiring & planning for this summer. If we don’t plan now it won’t be possible to work this out.
    How do other parents feel about this?


    If you have the expectation that things will be back to normal by the end of June, you will likely be disappointed.


    I second the motion.


    You try go adjust to normal as quickly as possible, sadly for yesomim and others life would never be the same but for the rest, they would try to get back to normal, doubt if it fly

    Sam Klein

    At this point in time all camps and bungelows have been shut down completely for this coming summer and nobody has any residency permits to be open

    May we all do teshuva together as a nation ASAP so this mageifa ends




    guys, this will all be done when it’s time for camp to start, no worries.
    Don’t believe those people that say…”atleast till august”. Utter nonsense. Just Watch.


    Too soon to say for sure what will be by July or August, but assuming no proven treatment for this by then, I can’t see anyone risking another shutdown by allowing this to have massive community spread again. How this affects camps, I am not sure, but I imagine it would mean at minimum camps being subjected to increased scrutiny by health departments and stricter limits on the number of campers.


    Na, this is not so smart. Everyone, from the oldest zaide to the two year olds, are dealing with different types of pain, albeit at different levels; emotional, psychological, and r”l physical. Everyone is dealing with the stress. Whether you’re a mother with a full house who has to get it ready, a breadwinner who’s out of a job, a young couple making y”t for the first time, or an old lady making y’t by herself, no one is on vacation right now. I think, when this is all over, people will need a decompression period before returning to the rigors of normal life. Cancelling summer vaca, sending everyone straight back to school, will not give the general population important time to heal from the ordeal of these few months.


    The “lockdown” will obviously continue, albeit to a less restrictive set of rules, at least through the summer months. While they will take a economic hit, the year-round residents of the upstate counties, including many yidden, will NOT want to see a caravan of potential virus carriers heading up the NYS Thruway to the summer camps and bungalow colonies. Parents should now be planning how they will keep the yinglach occupied this summer and hopefully the yeshivos will reopen after the yamim noraim.


    Stop worrying about the summer and other things so much further down the line. Hashem is begging us for a last chance to do teshuva before moshiach. He wants more takers. And all you care about is summer vacation.

    Wake up. Look at the status of the world. Nevuos.

    Amazing how so many still worried about the next buck, business plans for “after this is done”

    You’re gonna miss out by not focusing on teshuva.


    This is something that should be considered. Maybe not a total cancellation, but a reduced vacation of 2 weeks would be fine. Yeshivos shouldn’t be pressured by the announcements from camps of their intention to open this summer.

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