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    In order to save the public from driving unnecessarily, I thought it would be a good idea to post cancelled/postponed simchas or events. So I will start

    The Fried./Weingarden (Miami/Detroit) chassunah scheduled for tonight at the Concord is POSTPONED until tomorrow. Tues Dec. 28th same time same place.


    same chopped liver?


    Ha…”Iced Chopped LIver!”


    Why cancel a wedding? Why not get 10 neighbors to come to the living room or some shul basement hall, get two aydim, a ring, “Harei At” and finished.

    In halacha it really is not so simple to postpone a wedding.

    Of course, if the Chosson or Kallah are out of town then one should not put his/her life in sakana, but if its 18th Avenue to 14th, IMHO it would be more proper to do it “the old fashion way”.

    If I recall correctly, during the LA Riots in 1992 (maybe 1993 – don’t recall) someone who had a hotel ordered got married in a backyard.

    Just, MHO.


    If it makes you feel any better, they asked a shaalah. Although your idea was suggested, chosson and kallah (in two different boroughs) would not have been able to get to a common place.



    During the Rodney King riots. The chassuna was on the tennis court, without music, and finished before the mandated curfew. The backdrop was smoke rising from the rioters, but it was a beautiful wedding and minus 1200 people was just as kosher.


    Anyone with an SUV or similar going to williamsburg tonight? I have a friend’s wedding there and would like to go. I can walk to a main street as Coney or Ocean Ave.

    Sam l Am

    Yeah, I’m going new2. Meet me on the corner of Ocean and M. Are you ok with an anono-internet poster picking you up?


    PLEASE VERIFY THAT IT IS NOT CANCELLED. THe caterers arent working in alot of these places. THe one at the Concord is def. postponed.


    We are all entitled to our opinions however it is VERY DIFFICULT to come to such a decision as postponing a wedding. It is not done lightly and I am sure a lot of sweat and tears are shed before coming to such a conclusion. To judge the families in such situation is not only unfair but unkind. It is so easy for someone who is NOT in their shoes to give advice and to say why not do such and such. However when in fact it is YOU in the situation, knowing all the variables, then YOU understand WHY the decision that is made is the best one for everyone involved.

    Mazal Tov to both mishpachas and hatzlocha to all.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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