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    I read this fascinating report from an Italian doctor. He claims that cancer is just a fungus, and so easy to treat.

    Has anyone seen this?


    I’d recommend The Phantom Tollbooth if you like a fascinating read and are a fan of fantasy.


    I’m not going to bother reading the article. I’m glad he thinks cancer is so easy to treat. I feel bad for his patients though.
    Simply, cancer is when the normal balance of cell division and cell death is disrupted within the body’s cells, due to accumulating mutations in the genes that control these processes, leading to uncontrolled growth. The cancerous cells eventually “take over” and prevent the normal cells from functioning properly.
    Fungi are one of the Kingdoms of life, they are living organisms, include yeast, mold and mushrooms. They can cause infections in humans and skin disorders (eg athlete’s feet), but any doctor who confuses a fungus with a cancerous cell is not worth the paper his medical degree is written on.


    WtP -“but any doctor who confuses a fungus with a cancerous cell is not worth the paper his medical degree is written on.”

    I’m not going into this issue, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a connection between fungi & cancer.
    The science community has already proved a connection between viruses & cancer.
    From research in cancer UK:
    “And in most of us, it appears to cause no harm at all. But there’s a sinister side to the virus too. In some people, it can cause cancer. In fact, EBV was the first virus found to cause cancer in humans. We now know that, every year, EBV infections trigger 200,000 new cases of cancer – and more than 140,000 deaths – worldwide.”


    “The science community has already proved a connection between viruses & cancer.”

    Should read SOME cancers.
    WTP correctl described Cancer. SOME of these distruptions of cell division are triggered by viruses.
    As Health pointed out EBV, (burkits lymphoma) HPV (cervical cancer Vaccine available!), HBV/HCV (HCC) among many others. This doesnt mean Cancer is a virus of course. Just that some cases of certain cancers are known to be triggered by viruses.
    OF ocurse there are hundreds of other triggers identified cigarette somoke being one of the more well known ones.
    To the best of my knowledge no fungus has been identified as causing any form of cancer, though it is certainly possible.
    In no way is cancer a fungus (nor a virus)

    “I’m glad he thinks cancer is so easy to treat. ”

    He doesnt. He just knows people are desperate and will often do anything at the hopes for a cure. He is more than happy to take their money. Sadly he isnt alone. Dr. Burzynski comes to mind. Similiry many Rabbonim have criticized organazations that sell “rare oppurtunities” for yeshuos preying on the same fear.


    Nice one, RebYidd.


    I knew somebody would bring up viruses and cancer. (I also was afraid that someone would start ranting about how cancer is all a conspiracy made up by the greedy drug companies, in cahoots with the FDA and the cancer researchers who are growing rich on NIH and NCI grants).
    Viruses take over the host cell. Some can insert their genetic material into the host’s DNA. They produce proteins that can interfere with many cellular processes, including the cell cycle and cell death. Some of these viral proteins are oncogenic and can transform normal cell to become cancerous, similar to the way genetic mutations, say caused by UV radiation of cigarette smoke, can affect these same pathways. But no competent scientist or oncologists would state that all cancers were viruses and can be treated, for example, by locally heating the tumor to high temperatures since high temperatures can kill viruses. As ubiquitin said, tumorigenic viruses are but one cause of neoplastic transformations. And the cancer is neither a fungus nor a virus.
    I gave into my curiosity and went to the guy’s website. He claims that all cancers start out as fungal infections, and that because of their fungal origins, they can be treated with baking soda. His use of the world “all” is the first alarm trigger- besides that cancer is not a single disease, no way he could have examined all cancers all over the world for all times, so he is making an assumption but stating it as a fact. A decent researcher would have said something like “of the 200 cases I have examined, 89% started as a fungus.” And even if there is something similar to viruses- where the fungus is triggering a reaction in the cell that triggers neoplastic transformation, the cell would still be a complex cancerous cell and baking soda would be as effective as the sugar pill placebo. Actually, I don’t think even fungal infections are treated with baking soda.

    Ok, so he is more than an idiot trying to promote his book. Charlatans who play on desperate people, raising their hopes falsely and stealing their money should be locked up. And what about all those campaigns to raise money so that ill patients can travel to some far-flung place and pursue an unlikely, unproven cure as their last and only chance? Are we helping them by feeling bad for them and giving money, or are we accessories to the charlatan?


    WtP -“Charlatans who play on desperate people, raising their hopes falsely and stealing their money should be locked up.”

    I agree with this statement. But it’s not limited to con-artists. I know a few people with actual medical degrees that shouldn’t practice medicine!
    It’s not limited to Lakewood, where I live, but all over.
    Some even wear Yalmukahs on their heads & pretend they are Frum!


    The opening poster, and most of the commenters (I have not read them all) suffer a fundamental misunderstanding of how medicine and all other science works. Here is a very simple summary of how it works:

    When someone announces an idea about something, typically called a hypothesis, other physicians, engineers or scientists evaluate it and test it. If it’s right, many people announce it is right and the hypothesis is accepted and used in medicine and other science or engineering. If it is unproven (like the cancer-is-fungus idea) it is ignored and disappears from the discussion.

    So everybody just wait awhile, and if Tough-actin’ Tinactin starts advertising itself as a cancer cure, and doctors start having success in treating cancer the way they treat other fungi, the opening post will turn out to right. But do not hold your breath, because it takes a while.


    Well, at least this quack isn’t selling an expensive drug.


    But huju, the problem is that the desperate sick people don’t know or care about the scientific method or the way things are supposed to work, nor do they have the patience or time to wait to see if a “novel” hypothesis turns out to be right. Someone writes a book, or starts a blog, pseudoscience becomes confused with real science. There are lots of unproven hypothesis out there that are ignored by anyone who knows anything about medicine, but that attract attention nevertheless by those who are unfortunately sick and want to believe that it will work for them. It is this aspect that most of the posts were addressing.

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