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    Does anyone know how the find the best price on a hotel in Yerushalayim? I had prefered the Ramada but see that it is about $180 a night (expedia). Any idea’s?

    Also, I see that a mid size car is about $150 a week. Seems like it has free miles as well. Can that be? I am used to US rates, is there a catch? Is there a reason to prefer one company over another? Any suggestions?


    If its just $150 for the car it’s likely a stick and not an automatic. also remember that gas costs almost double what it costs in some parts of the U.S.. If you do rent a car please be careful as people there tend to drive like maniacs.


    From My Experience, the majority of cars for rent in Israel are automatic. Therefore IMO it is not worth paying the extra to have an automatic, as the odds are you will be upgraded from stick to auto even though you have only reserved and paid for a stick!

    Hotels: Have you considered Jerusalem gate?


    $180 for a hotel is VERY cheap, I believe.

    Israeli hotels are about the most expensive in the world.


    Where is the Jerusalem Gate? Is it nice? How is the Hashgocho?


    I usually stay in Lev Yerushalayim.

    Simple small lobby. (The mashgiach is a cousin to the Skverrer Rebbe and a Yrei Shamaim.)

    Great location. Not expensive. Very pleasant.


    If renting a car, be sure to ask if you are allowed to drive the car over the Green Line. There are companies that won’t allow you to do so.

    Also, ask for a Shabbat discount. Not every place has it. Basically it means that you pay only for the insurance over Shabbat, but not for the car. If you do end up driving the car on Shabbat and get in an accident, the insurance doesn’t cover it. (Budget has a Shabbat discount.)


    You need a hotel for your car? ask Mitt Romney he is going to have a car elevator in his mansion.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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